Monday, April 28, 2008

Stimulate my Economics... please

The government started giving back a little love today, in the form of some random money that should mysteriously show up in our bank accounts and mailboxes— sometime. I'm guessing that since I filed my 2007 taxes online, it should show up in my bank account sometime in the next two weeks. But do I save it or spend it?

According to a news story tonight, "The White House hopes Americans will spend the money and boost the economy." I'm all for spending money, and am quite good at it, but what if I just tucked it away and forgot about it? What if I actually, perish the thought, saved? Still, I did see this dress the other night that, literally, whispered out my name. I'll never wear this dress, mind you, but I must own it. Save Schmave.

For those as clueless as I feel about all this stuff lately, here's a schedule of when you can count on your minor ducats gracing your presence:

Direct Deposit: Depending on the last two numbers of your Social Security Number, your rebate should be deposited by:
00-20: May 2
21-75: May 9
76-99: May 16

By Mail: Depending on the last two numbers of your Social Security Number, your rebate check should be mailed by:
00-09: May 16
10-18: May 23
19-25: May 30
26-38: June 6
39-51: June 13
52-63: June 20
64-75: June 27
76-87: July 4
88-99: July 11

For the next two weeks, I'll anxiously check my online banking on an hourly basis. It's like Christmas, except better because there's no extended family and it's not cold. While I'm not sure exactly how much I'll get back, and if I count on the maximum of $600, my luck lately says I should get roughly $3. With that, I could buy a Diet Dr. Pepper and a bag of Red Vines.

What are you gonna' get?


Anonymous said...

Dr. Pepper and Red Vines are MAD delicious!

Just wanted acknowledge that.

kris said...

Lissa and I decided the best way we could stick it to Bush is to take a foreign vacation, and give all of that free money to some other government. But, then reality struck, and we realized that we should use it to pay down our credit cards. So, that's what we're going to do: pay down some stupid credit cards. So bland.

dolt said...

Spend, pay down debt, or save...

This has me perplexed. The plummeting value of the dollar makes it a tricky proposition. Buying something with intrinsic value might preserve wealth.

I am stupid. Likely I will follow old habits and save. Perhaps it will buy a tank of gas or, loaf of bread sometime down the road?

dolt said...

A different slant on the economic stimulus package.

Yeah, I said package.

Holly said...

Dolt said, "package."

1979 semi-finalist said...

my accountant said he doesn't think i'm getting anything, but i don't see how that's possible. i don't make THAT much money. not even close. if i do, where the hell is it? if i get anything i'll be paying down credit cards. f bush. wish i could go to another country with the funds...that is the best idea.

Holly said...

Kel: That sucks. For the record, I still have not been stimulated by the government yet either. I agree with you, though. I have been working so hard to pay down my card, I might as well pay it off with my, ahem, "stimulation."