Sunday, April 06, 2008

Live blogging Rock of Love

Commercial break #1: I just sucked cold Diet Dr. Pepper into my dry socket hole and I think I'm going to pass out.

7:14- Back to the show. The "level playing field" continues with the girls eating chicken and joking about "breasts." Will their witty banter ever end?

7:15- While sitting around watching one of Bret's "home videos" of a Poison concert, Destiney starts dancing like a groupie. Bret's now all of the sudden worried that she's not going to love him off the state. Heartwarming.

7:16- Destiney is a crazy girl. Seriously, and I'm afraid one of her boobs is going to pop out in front of her cancer-ridden dad.

7:17- When they cut to Daisy's single-shot commentary, she talks with her hands like she's Mr. Mac selling a two-pants suit. I want to see if she can still talk if her hands are strapped down. Or her breasts.