Thursday, April 10, 2008

The sockets continue...

I've been horrible at updates lately, it's the whole teeth thing. But I do have a profound thought: they remove wisdom teeth when people are 18-years-old because they bounce back faster. When you're 32, you don't heal like you used to. Now I'm in pain. And old.

As low high-maintenance as I am, I'm a pretty tough girl. I've danced in performances while dealing with 103-degree fevers. I even once performed three shows with a shattered foot before I could go to the emergency room. I duct-taped it and coped until I could get it fixed, running on adrenaline and will.

Just when I thought things with my mouth were getting better (before getting a root canal tomorrow), I got 30 minutes into kickboxing tonight and the gaping holes in my mouth started aching so badly I threw up. Having thrown up at the gym several times in my life (there was this one time when I thought that drinking a 32-ounce chai before running on the treadmill was a good idea. There was also that one fake bacon incident...), I didn't think anything of it, until I passed out at the grocery store.

In the soda aisle.

Onto the floor.

Thank god nobody saw me. Tonight, I puked and I passed out in public. So, I paid for my Diet Dr. Pepper and toilet paper and came home to crawl into bed with Captain Loritab.