Sunday, April 06, 2008

Live blogging Rock of Love

7:18- Daisy's backpedaling while trying to further explain that she's not having sex with her "ex-boyfriend," err, "roommate."

7:20- Is it really surprising that Bret is having a moral dilemma in trying to figure out Daisy? Really? Because I thought that as soon as she discovered the cure for cancer, she was going to help clothe impoverished nations.

7:21- Preview of Destiney getting a Heather-esque tattoo.

7:22- Commercial break #2- Here are my thoughts after a discussion last night with Urban Princess: As much as I want to watch the trainwreck that is Daisy, I hope she gets booted off the show and then next season she gets her own show so we can watch her try to pick her own special love from a crowd of what I'm sure will be premium men.


urban princess said...

Man I hope he picks Ambre so Daisy can get her own show. Seriously, how good would that show be?

Holly said...

UP: Seriously. The "Hot Tranny Mess show." There's a drinking game there, I can feel it.