Sunday, April 06, 2008

Live blogging Rock of Love

7:25- Destiney is pretty in the mornings without makeup. She should really skip the Goth thing.

7:27- Bret plans a Harley ride for Destiney and her family. Okay, that's pretty cool, her dad was stoke.

7:28- OOOOH SNAP. Destiney's dream of "getting a tattoo" is going to come true. She's actually going to get the Rock of Love logo?!? On her neck!?!

7:30- So, Destiney has a neck tattoo. The heart with two swords from the Rock of Love logo... um, yeah. Well, her dad has a forehead tattoo, so I guess the apple doesn't fall far...

7:31- Time for Ambre's date... now we'll get to the bottom of her "real" age.