Saturday, March 17, 2007

Apparently she didn't do it...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Reality Show GAG (tag) lines

Top Design head judge, Jonathan Adler

Ever since the days of Survivor's first "the tribe has spoken," reality shows have taken off-- each one with a hokier goodbye line than the previous.

Heidi Klum's Project Runway, "Either you're in, or you're out!"
Ryan Seacrest's American Idol, "Seacrest OUT!"

They run the gamut from mysterious to catchy, and while I appreciate the efforts these show's creators, I have to put down my foot. Your efforts are now futile.

Riding on the coattails of Top Chef, Bravo created a new "Top" show, Top Design , where a handful of interior decorators vie for the position of Top Designer. (Incidentally, Top Chef's tagline is, "Please pack your knives and go," uttered by hostess Padma Lasaldkfjweoirwelrkndfgjwrjwermnwemrnodifuermnewk...)

I have felt extremely under the weather this week, and by "under the weather" I mean, "sinus pain harsh enough to smoke out Bin Laden,"and have spent many perfectly good nights in front of the TV watching bad reality shows. Last night, I had the unfortunate privilege of watching a Top Design marathon which enabled me to catch up on all those preliminary Top Design episodes I've missed. (That reminds me, I need to schedule that pesky wisdom-tooth extraction.) Sure, host Todd Oldham is a Target store design legend, but he is probably the only good thing about this particular reality show.

Yet I sat through several episodes for one, little phrase.

Whenever a designer is booted off the show, head judge dsigner Jonathan Adler tells them, "See you later, decorator!" And with a little wave and wiggle of his fingers, the contestant is bid adieu.

Who comes up with these reality show taglines? And what's worse, what does the future hold for reality television? Reality shows aren't going anywhere, which means there is plenty of tiem for lame taglines. SEE YOU LATER, DECORATOR? Reality shows get a bad enough rap! Now that they've been classified as "crap TV" and people are actually asking for more courtroom dramas, shouldn't it be the time to attempt to make reality shows better?

If I weren't pathetic, I'd take a stand and vow never to watch reality TV again! I would hang up my remote for most of the week, only taking time to watch Grey's Anatomy and the occasional movie on the 24/7 Chiller Channel. But I can't give up my reality television-- Dancing with the Stars starts next week, and I have this sick desire to watch Heather Mills do the cha cha.

See you later, decorator!!