Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Britney's Chaotic Crap

I found myself sitting home tonight, watching an episode of "Britney and Kevin: Chaotic" in its entirety. It's 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back. In fact, I'm not the only one who feels this way. My friend Deena texted me and said, "I will never watch this alone or sober again." It's amazing how one show has the potential to bring together the masses in one similar emotion-- we shall all never watch "Chaotic" alone OR sober again.

That said, I had a few ideas for a "Chaotic" drinking game, but decided to take a shot after every time Britney says something stupid or Kevin smokes a cigarette, would get people too drunk too quickly.

Instead, here are a few highlights for the lucky people who missed tonight's gripping episode.
1.) Britney told Kevin she loved him. she then played "hard to get" when Kevin didn't say it back, and Britney "built a wall." (Her words, not mine.)
2.) Britney took up kickboxing to channel her inner rage. She reveals to us she has "so much inner rage" she could "kick any boy's ass." Brilliant.
3.) Britney's pores were again large for the entire show. I spent a whole commercial break wondering if we should get Bioré to sponsor the show.
4.) We saw footage of Britney's Vienna, Austria concert. Big whoop. I prefered to see the footage that someone shot of a long-haired, cable-knit sweater-wearing street musician playing a violin. He was hot, and it briefly reminded me of a long-haired violist I used to date, and that was the deepest thing I thought for the duration of "Chaotic."

In conclusion, blow-drying my hair tonight was more compelling that either Britney or Kevin (whom I find absolutely disgusting). Is there anything else on Tuesday night now that "American Idol" is finished for the season? I will never watch "Chaotic" alone OR sober again.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

American Idol Winner!!!

Carrie Underwood crowned 'American Idol'

May. 26, 2005 - Country singer Carrie Underwood was crowned "American Idol" on Wednesday at the end of a nationwide search for a new pop star that has captivated much of the nation.

Underwood, 22, who was raised on an Oklahoma farm, beat fellow finalist Bo Bice, 29, to win the top-rated televised singing contest that was decided by votes sent in by the public via telephone and text message.

"Thank you America!" said Underwood, fighting back tears.

So, I'm glad about this. It took me awhile to warm up to Carrie, but after Tuesday night's final singing I thought she was great. If hotties Constantine and Anthony Federov couldn't win, then I'm all for girl power and Carrie!!! Carrie will have some staying power, and I see her very much as the same kind of personality as Kelly Clarkson-- marketable. So far, Kelly Clarkson has had more success than any other Idol winner, and I was beginning to wonder if becoming a runner-up might be better for one's career. (i.e. Kimberly Locke and Clay Aiken) To win Idol seems hit and miss, not a guaranteed success, and Carrie Underwood has some staying power even beyond the season when the voting is closed.

American Idol will continue, for those wondering, auditions begin at the end of summer. If you think you can hack it, keep up with the Official Idol Web Site which will probably post audition information soon. Oh, and the 4th Season Idol finalists will be here in concert August 26... heeelllooooo Constantine?!?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Moby Concert Picts

These were taken with my Verizon Wireless cameraphone at the Moby concert a few weeks ago at "In the Venue" (a private club for members) during the song "Porcelain."

A guy I was dating and I went to see Moby because I absolutely love Moby. When we walked in, there was this kind of small, bald guy standing at the sound board with his arms folded, listening to the opening group. When Moby started, I peeked around the corner from our table, and it turns out it was him, just hanging out before the show. I was extremely excited to see this concert with this particular man because some of the songs reminded me of him.

Since the concert, he's broken it off with me, deciding he, "Just wants to be friends." (So much for the persuasive powers of free tickets and me in a hot shirt, whatever.)

I'm heartbroken, but I still absolutely love Moby.

Subservient Chicken

Not one to really buy into corporate gimmick (Hello? Ugly Kids campaign?!) but this kept me entertained for hours. This large chicken will do pretty much anything you ask him to do, short of flipping you off. He will scold you for that. CONTROL FREAKS UNITE! IT'S SUBSERVIENT CHICKEN!
Subservient Chicken

Monday, May 23, 2005

Just for the Record...

From time to time, people like to take cheap shots at people. For whatever reason, people think it's necessary to put others down for no reason. Not that I care to address peoples' opinions of myself, but I simply cannot stand by and let people believe that I'm a "ditz" or have nothing of particular value to say... that my brain is some void personified by vapid stares, swathed in Hollywood gossip and cute clothes. For those people that doubt the validity of my "smart chick" claims, I present to you some thoughts I had over the weekend, and challenge you to have some thoughts of your own. For some, this is a boring post, and tomorrow I'll get back to something more entertaining. Until then... I ran across this paper from college, and decided to add a few things to it, and possibly publish it somewhere. If not somewhere, then here, because at least then it's out there. Consequently, I present to you my Sunday morning thoughts on how Man is essentially a social product (maybe the meanies will learn something!), based upon some claims made by myself in an essay written April 30, 1997.

Society is a human product. Society is an objective reality. Man is therefore a social product.
In order to fully understand the claim that Man is a social product, a few terms must be defined. According to Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, human means "susceptible to or representative of the sympathies and frailties of human nature." Society is "an enduring and cooperating social group whose members have developed organized patterns of relationships through interaction with one another." Because we are susceptible to human nature and are therefore involved in relationships, man is a social product created to perpetuate the success of society. This propagation of man, by man, is achieved through conscious recognition, or reality.

Without something called "logic," it would be impossible for man to comprehend any type of reality. In order to continue as people in society, we realize that we do exist, as this "reflective consciousness superimposes the quality of logic on the institutional order." (Berger & Luckman, 64) Basically, because we are human and living in a collective society, we are able to reflect upon our existence and therefore live harmoniously in our self-created societies. This is why we have people who deviate from society and commit crimes against society. They do not develop the ability to fully rationalize, and therefore cannot logically comprehend what they must do in order to exist along with everyone else.

If a person understands their place in society, is is assumed they have a certain amount of knowledge. In turn, they become socially acceptable. "Since the well-socialized individual 'knows' that his social world is a consistent whole, he will be constrained to explain both its functioning and malfunctioning in terms of his 'knowledge.'"(64) Knowledge is a learned function defined by the society of which a person belongs. If people do not have general knowledge of how society works, they generally end up in a system of sorts, with the hopes of relearning how society works. The goal is these people can learn to become a product of society in order to exist, though without further discussing the problems in our prison systems, many times hardened criminals cannot be rehabilitated...

I could continue, but since this was mainly a coffeehouse daydream, I figure this is sufficient. On purpose, I left no conclusion. However, if anybody is wanting to challenge my claim that I am not, in the immortal words of Cher in "Clueless," a "ditz with a credit card," I urge you to buy me a double hazelnut latte, skim milk, and sit down for a little debate. Oh, and I paid my way through school with a scholarship split between the newspaper and debate team, so it's up to you. Now that we all have nothing to prove, wouldn't we all rather read more of the "fun posts?"

Ever Meet Someone Famous and Not Know it Until WAY Later?

I've had this phenomenon happen twice in my life-- meeting someone famous, and not knowing who and the hell they are. The first time was when I went to New York with a theatre group when I was in ninth grade. We saw "Lost in Yonkers," a Neil Simon show, which really meant nothing to me at the time, and paled in comparison to seeing "Phantom of the Opera" in the same trip. We got to meet with some of the "Yonkers" cast and it turns out we got to sit and talk to a very young Kevin Spacey. This didn't really dawn on me until nearly a decade later when I was looking at some Playbills and thought "Holy hell, I saw Kevin Spacey." From what I recall, he was fantastic, however, it was still no "Phantom."

Kevin Spacey in "Lost in Yonkers" on Broadway. He's at the top left.

The second epiphany I had like this was the other week when I realized I had hung out with Nicole Richie's now fiancee, DJ AM. I went to Vegas with some girlfriends this past September for a weekend of trolling for men. I was seeing someone at the time, so my plan of trolling for random was kind of the last thing on my mind. At any rate, we all went to this club at the Hard Rock Hotel called Body English, which is the trendy hotspot for the likes of Paris Hilton and her bitch posse. I don't know how it happened, but one of the women in my group knew a guy who got us all into the VIP section which happened to be located near the DJ booth. Rather than pick up on random guys I'd never see again, I decided to hang out and see what the DJ was up to (as I usually do in clubs) and it turned out it was this guy named DJ AM, which meant nothing to me at the time. After reading so much lately about he and Nicole Richie, it just dawned on me this was the same guy. He spins great, and if he and Nicole ever break up, I'm SO in there!

Nicole Richie and DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) I don't remember him being this skinny.

If this has ever happened to you, feel free to leave me a comment!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Where to Find... Stuff?

For work, I read an ungodly amount of magazines. You name it, I probably read it throughout the month: Teen People, Teen Vogue, CosmoGirl, Glamour, Life & Style, In Touch, US Weekly, Cosmopolitan, People, blah blah blah... Yeah, life's rough I LOVE IT, so much that I go crazy if I'm not in the magazine loop. That said, you know how you see accessories and things people in these magazines wear. And it's all cute. AND you know you just HAVE TO HAVE IT? I've found a Web site where this stuff is available and inexpensive and it says what magazine in which it was featured!!

Go right now to GirlProps and order stuff. Order lots of stuff... I did.

Katie Holmes wore this in this month's "Life & Style"

I just saw this in "In Style"

Ya' dig? I do.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Finally... an update!

Yeah, I know, I'm a jerk. I'm a procrastinating, lazy jerk. That said, here's an update! I decided to sort of add all the "girly" stuff we don't get a chance to talk about on our show. You know, if I find a product I love, or if I'm dying for a new Dooney and Bourke bag, I'll post it here. And you can tell me what you think too.

Accessories frustrate me. It's like, they accumulate and then I never wear them all. Sooo, here's a great place for trendy, cheapy accessories that look expensive but won't break the bank. You also won't feel bad if you wear them once and then buy something else. Annnnnnd, they're all online so if you're sitting home on a Saturday night, you can shop away in the comforts of your own living room. Happiness IS a new pair of earrings or purse. Go now to Sam Moon's Trading Company

For summer, pair dark denim with a cute babydoll top, heels and the season's flashy, glittery bags:

So cute! And you can find different colors and other accessories on the site. I'm in love!