Sunday, April 06, 2008

Live blogging Rock of Love

During commercial break- I have no desire to fall in love with melty cheese. Why do fast food places insist on making commercials that show people with food hanging out of their mouths?

7:37- In Ambre's mind she said she did not lie to Bret. She says she has nothing to hide. She lied about her age. Ambre says she has to "stay young" because of her career. I wonder what she does for a living... candy striper? Manager at the Gap? I'm wondering what kind of a job she has that she needs to be a big, dumb liar.

7:39- Meanwhile back at the house... Bret is just so sincere in thanking everyone for coming. In this moment of sincerity, Destiney's breasts are dangerously close to springing forth from her tank top.

7:42- I'm so over this.

7:42- Oh, so NOW Ambre decides to be honest and spill everything she's thinking to Destiney and Daisy. Destiney just admitted she's not in love with Bret. Ambre professes her undying love for Bret, as does Daisy.

7:43- Daisy is ponderous and questions Destiney's motives. HA! She asks Destiney, "Would you still be here if it was Jon Bon Jovi? Would you still be here if it was John Stamos?" JOHN STAMOS? From what messed up recess did Daisy pull THAT?


1979 semi-finalist said...

Adam looked up Ambre on the interwebs (of his own volition i swear) and Ambre is a co-host on a show called "health and lifestyles weekly". She's also an actress and has been in some terrible stuff, the best of which appears to be a role as "wedding planner" in the Reese Witherspoon movie Sweet Home Alabama (blech).

Also, WTF Destiny in that outfit in front of her parents? Just because her dad has a tattoo on his head does not mean she has to try extra hard to dress like a stripper that is ON STAGE. I'm sure it was not in her dad's last wishes to almost see his daughter's tits fall out in front of him on national television. that said, the man died in march and i actually feel bad about that last comment. i'm also forced to admit that this is the best Destiny (or anyone except maybe crazy as a shithouse rat Kristy Joe) has ever looked on the show. With less makeup and all that weird super long super straight hair pulled off her face/neck/entire body she actually looked quite attractive.

She also said the most lucid shit that has ever been said on Rock of Love..."she's not in love" with a dude she's known for three weeks (maybe) that's been making out with women (and fucking them) all around her? She's just crazy...oh wait, I mean she's like a freaking ROCKET SCIENTIST. When she said she wasn't in love with him at elimination any normal not crazy dude would have kept her and sent the other two home on the spot, saying that they were crazy f'd up bitches to be crying and believing that they are in love with someone after three weeks. You heard it here first. Destiny = rocket scientist.

i missed the very beginning so have little to comment about on Daisy except to say that Bret and Daisy are two morons totally destined for one another.

Oh and I'm SO watching the "thursday clips episode".

LOVED your re-capping. Good times. Hope your socket is better :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LEAVE JOHN STAMOS OUT OF THIS,he is too good and decent for that crab.

Holly said...

Kel: I wouldn't miss the Thursday clip show for the world.

You know, I felt bad when I saw that Destiney's father passed away last month. I felt even worse when I realized that rather than spend time with him, Destiney chose to be on "Rock of Love 2."

Adam's on hiatus, isn't he? That's why he took the initiative to find out about Ambre? Still, I might have to watch Sweet Home Alabama to have a look. :)

My sockets are surviving. Has it been cold out there?

Anon: Uuuh, yeah. GO JOHN STAMOS!