Friday, December 30, 2005

Ashley Olsen is a Dropout

According to an article in In Touch, Ashley Olsen doesn't feel as much pressure to attend classes at NYU now that Mary-Kate isn't there either. She also wants to get back to her acting career...

Didn't she want to be a chef?

Can anyone say New York Minute, Part Deux? Please no, no God, no. If she were smart, she'd get her degree and concentrate on her clothing line for Wal-Mart because Wal-Mart ain't going anywhere. Of course, the little girl DOES have more money than God, so maybe there's something to be said here for not needing your education!

And think of all the money she'll be saving not having to get all of those really large-sized Starbuck's lattes on the way to class!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Good for Chris Klein

I watched on E! True Hollywood Story the other night (yes, my life IS this empty, thank you very much) the "Kids of Dawson's Creek" and was reminded of the engagement between Katie Holmes and Chris Klein, pre-TomKat. The couple was so cute-- they were both young, he was taller than she, and I'm sure Klein wouldn've let Katie have drugs when giving birth.

Anyway, for whatever reason the two broke up and enter Tom Cruise. Now, Klein seems a little reluctant to offer congratulations. According to an AP article,

Actor Chris Klein Says He Won't Be Sending Former Fiancee Katie Holmes a Baby Gift

The Associated Press
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Chris Klein says he won't be sending ex-fiancee Katie Holmes a gift or a congratulatory card after her baby is born.

"No, I don't think so," the 26-year-old actor told AP Radio in a recent interview.

"Her and my relationship is a time in the past. And it's a time that I'll always look back with in fondness, but her and I have moved on, and she has a separate life and I have a separate life. And it's better that we keep it that way."

Holmes, who starred in the TV series "Dawson's Creek," and Klein became engaged in December 2003 after five years of dating. They called off their engagement in March.

Tom Cruise, 43, and Holmes, 27, went public with their relationship in April and became engaged in June. Holmes' pregnancy was reported in October.

Klein, who starred in "Election" and two "American Pie" films, has said Cruise had nothing to do with their breakup.

I don't blame him Klein one bit!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mariah Carey's Big Flapjack Nipples

Just when I start to sort of tolerate Mariah Carey, I'm reminded that she annoys me. She has a few songs lately that I actually like, and then I'm bludgeoned over the head with her "All I Want for Christmas is You" song. Well, now the holidays are over, and I'm thinking "What the hell is she wearing?" What and the hell IS she wearing as her massive cans spill out of her top? Hello? Plunging top for flat-chested girls. If you're well-endowed like Mariah, fine, some of us aren't so lucky-- we don't have any to look at, and we certainly don't want to see yours.

I won't even talk about Donnatella Versace... Sunscreen, girl!

Getting to Know You

Game of four

Four jobs you’ve had in your life: Music instrument repair person, pepper spray sales person, movie store manager, art director/graphic designer

Four movies you could watch over and over: The Cutting Edge, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Rear Window, Gross Point Blank

Four places you’ve lived: Sandy, UT, St. George, UT, SLC, UT (next is to be determined!!!)

Four TV shows you love to watch: Project Runway, Simpsons, South Park, Gray's Anatomy

Four places you’ve been on vacation: San Diego, New York, Boston, Los Angeles

Four websites you visit daily: Fark, Tom Barberi Show, Boing Boing, Digg

Four of your favorite foods: Pesto pasta, grilled chicken, potato cheddar soup, crepes

Four places you’d rather be: Shopping, the beach, shopping on the beach, shopping

Four albums you can’t live without: U2- "Joshua Tree," Peter Gabriel- "So," Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic," Miles Davis- "Kind of Blue"

Please feel free to copy and repost in comments with your answers!!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Girly Girl Pick of the Week 12/26

My hair... sigh. It's been really short (think Demi Moore in Ghost) and long (really long) and now it's getting long again. I don't know what to do with it, so I've been into the messy bun-thing, trying to decide if I want to chop it or what. But! The messy bun-thing is very in right now, and a great look for all the holiday parties. Enter, the whispies and sort of spikeys you can create with the ends sticking out of the bun. But you need something that's going to make your hair piecey without turning it all gluey.

When I had really really short hair, I would spike it with Bumble and Bumble's Sumo Wax. It was great for creating that edgy look. They've toned down the wax with Sumotech, and it's fantastic for making the piecey whisps that come out of a messy bun.

Have fun with this product!! You only need a little, but it's better for creating updos than hairspray because it doesn't weigh down your hair. It's also great (used sparingly) for creating that wavy, messy, beach sort of hair when you have it down. It looks FANTASTIC if you blowdry your hair, and then twist some of the Sumotech into it to create sort of messy-looking dreadlocks here and there around your head for AMAZING texture.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Mine was really mellow, and I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of life and not worrying about all the things that have gotten me down lately.

Happy hair. p.s. You can get Sumotech at

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

There Goes my Shot at Gavin

This morning, I was listening to Bush's "Sixteen Stone" thinking to myself, "I'm not hotter, but I'm at least taller than Gwen Stefani. One day Gavin will be mine." But nope. According to the latest rumor Gwen is taking some time off from a potential new album because she's pregnant! I actually like L.A.M.B., I'm hoping they don't come up with a maternity line. Oh whatever, congratulations to the Harijuku Girl!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Bonus Girly Girl Pick of the Week 12/19

Got some new jeans yesterday, love 'em. Get 'em. They're the perfect length, the perfect rise, the perfect little bit of stretch. Also, the black denim is THE thing for the winter and look great when paired with a funky T and heels! I got several compliments on them today. If I could more easily photograph my own ass, I'd put it on here, until then, here's a picture from Revolve Clothing. They're the Naomi fit from Citizens of Humanity, got them at Lollabella Boutique in the Gateway for under $200.

Girly Girl Pick of the Week 12/19

I admit I'm stuck a little bit in my past when I say that sometimes I still use Wet 'n' Wild eyeliners. Come on! What girl who attended middle school in the late 80s DIDN'T wear that brand of bright blue eyeliner? Besides, it was cheap. But the older I get, the less I want an eyeliner to tug on my delicate eye tissue and potentially cause wrinkles. Sephora's slim pencil is, literally, the best eyeliner I've ever tried. It's ot so hard it's going to tug, but it isn't so soft it's all smeary and smudgy (if you don't want it all smeary and smudgy. If that's your look, it smudges nicely too!)

It's totally inexpensive, $4 a pop, so I order 4 or 5 at a time and then just hang onto them in my special stash of makeup stuff. They're a little small, but they last for a very long time. From the Web site: "Line and define your way to gorgeous eyes with these long wearing pencils in a wide array of must-have shades. Our exclusive formula is creamy enough to create the perfect smoky eye, but only when you want to. Each shade can be worn over or under eyeshadow or layered, for endless combinations of eye-popping color."

Hey, that's what I said! I'm serious, you'll never use another eyeliner. Order a bunch, try different colors, Sephora is great about shipping too so if you order tonight you won't have to wait all that long. My color is temporarily out of stock, but there are still others to pick!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hello, Hello!!

Picture from last night's U2 concert. What a show! The band played for over two hours... two hours of Bono, Bono, Bono.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Take One Cleansing Breath

Kate Beckinsale likes spending a nice, cleansing afternoon working out at the gym, then stepping outside for a nice, cleansing cigarette.

Separated at Birth?

I'm a huge fan of Project Runway, I won't miss it and this season is already getting catty and good... anyway, last night I couldn't help but notice these two were separated at birth:

Designer Santino


The scary guy from Superman 2

Believe it or not.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Juicy Colin Farrell Rumor

Rumor has it the Miami Vice movie could have more setbacks due to the latest problem with star Colin Farrell, who plays Sonny Crockett. Not only was the movie delayed because of all the hurricanes, but now as the production moves to Uruguay, Farrell has allegedly OVERDOSED and checked into rehab!!!

Allegedly, Farrell had taken a South American cocktail of cocaine, marijuana and some "unknown" substance being touted as backpain medication. But his reps say the stint in rehab stems from "exhaustion and addiction to pain meds from a back injury."

Come on! Pain meds, my ass! Colin Farrell was just method acting! Remember in the mid-80s when Don Johnson played the part of Crockett and he was addicted to blow? Farrell was just doing character research and got a little too wrapped up. Damn actors, always getting so into things and forgetting they're not superhuman!! Good thing he's not playing Scarface!

I love you, Colin Farrell, and I always will; even if you are a junkie.

Get a Grip!

We've talked a lot about the many Hollywood breakups as of late, but let's examine a relationship that stays together, making me say, "Why?" Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have one-year-old twins, they're seemingly happy. Roberts has recently stated she'd like to get pregnant again, however is going to work on Broadway before that. Moder has a fairly lucrative career as a cinematographer.

Now I'm no body language expert (obviously, which is why all my relationships end up in the crapper), but this CAN NOT be the photo of two people hopelessly in love. He looks like he's being punished! He got his fourth tardy in Math and is being led by the arm all the way down the hall to detention. And that look on Julia's face! Not the face of a happy camper; she just looks freakin' mean!!!

What is worse, an unhappy couple mugging it for the paparazzi or a happy couple looking like they're literally going to kill each other? At least Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey had the common sense to fake their love until the end.

Girly Girl Pick of the Week 12/12

Bouncy hair... something we all shoot for, but sometimes come up short. Okay, I come up short. My hair is the bain of my existance and it frustrates me on a daily basis. Something that's helped me a lot lately are velcro rollers. I've read a lot about them, but I never tried them until one day on a whim. I got some of these Conair Ion Shine rollers. They're inexpensive, and they really make a difference when blow-drying your hair.

Start out blowdrying hair until it's about 80% dry, then take some volumizing spray and in sections, spray it on the underside of your hair right at the root. Roll that section in a velcro roller (it will stay in place, but if it doesn't use a little duckbill clippy). Proceed until all of your hair is rolled in velcro! Then blow dry the rest of the way dry. To give your hair time to cool in the rollers, finish up makeup or get dressed, then carefully unroll each roller. VOILA! Instant volume, straight hair, and no frizz! Finish off with a little gloss at the ends, and I swear you'll look like you just got a blowout at the salon. For next-day hair, you can spritz your roots with a little hairspray or water to re-activate the product, roll back up in the velcro rollers, set with a blow dryer and your hair still looks great.

If you don't have velcro rollers, get a couple of packs of the big-size and go to town! All you need are 6 or 8 to give your roots volume and smooth down frizzies that happen in this crazy dry and cold weather. I kid you not, this is one of the cheapest fixes for blah-feeling hair in between cuts.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Things We Need for Christmas

Pink and black checkered Vans, hand-set with 2,500 Swarovski crystals.

Pink Adidas spa mule slides hand-set with pink crystals.

Star "huggie" earrings, platinum-plated as seen in People Magazine Dec. 16.

Quickie News!

Literally, quickie. After announcing his girlfriend Luciana Barroso was pregnant, Matt Damon married her in a ceremony this morning.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wha' The Fuh?

So, here's a little rant before I go to bed, and then I'm over it. Bear with me.

I think I'm dating this guy who seems great, yeah, he's a little younger than me, but I didn't figure there was a problem with that. Things are fantastic for a few weeks, we're getting along, things are fun, we're having fun together. Then, bam! Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. He's too busy, he's not interested, he tries giving the "let's just be friends" speech; which I do not accept. I don't need any more guy friends, especially since I enjoy kissing him and I do not usually go around kissing my friends.

We go a week, talking every night (this would be after his attempt at "let's be friends,") and then tonight he's suddenly too busy hosting a party I'm clearly not invited to, to see me this weekend. Whateva' I'm done with it, and I didn't get upset with him. When I said, "bye" to the phone call, the "bye" meant more. You know, kids, you're damned if you're cool and you're damned if you're not cool. If you give men the space they so cherish (and I do too! I don't really want to see someone every damn night of the week) then you're not clingy enough for the drama they desire. If you're too demanding, then you're a "crazy bitch." I prefer to be cool, and guys can't seem to handle that. They wonder what you're hiding, they wonder if you're too independent for them.

Guess what? I am. Independence is not a bad thing, in fact, I've worked my whole life to have a fabulous career and total independence. I'm not ugly, I'm not fat, I've got a great job and a fantastic car I love. Men can't handle that. In order to finally have supreme power (which is completely stupid) they have to throw down the "let's just be friends." I'm so tired of thinking I'm the problem, feeling like I'm not good enough for all of these guys with whom I end up spending a short amount of time and then never see again. I used to think the key component in all the failed attempts and bad dates is me or my personality, and my only fault is that I choose these men who aren't fierce enough to hang.

And so the tables are turned. The gender roles are switched where the boys end up as emotionally disturbed as they perceive the girls are. Well, this girl is not, and fierce is the key word because I am fierce. And I deserve nothing less in return.

Thanks for the vent. Feel free to email me for a pict of him, print it out, and we'll all make voodoo dolls.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One breakup I'm happy about...

So last year I went to Vegas with some friends, and we ended up partying at Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel. Color me so surprised when I found out this was the club to party in, and there were stars everywhere. Since I'm a geek, I ended up hanging out and watching the DJ, who I later found out was DJ AM, who later became engaged to Nicole Richie.

Sigh, my spikey-haired DJ in love with the newly-skinny Nicole Richie. Color me so heart-broken.

But now, "Us Weekly has learned exclusively that Nicole Richie, 24, and fiance Adam ''D.J. AM'' Goldstein, 32, have called it quits. ''They have decided to break off the engagement,'' Richie's rep Cindy Guagenti confirms to Us. ''The decision is mutual.''
Sources tell Us Weekly that the pair, who had dated since 2003 and were to wed next year, decided to break up a few days ago. Of her planned nuptials, Richie told Us earlier this year, ''I'm so happy. We're taking it slowly.''

Come on Adam Goldstein! You're hot, I'm hot and we both have a mutual appreciation for the club mix of Seven Nation Army. I will help you get over Little Miss Richie. And a little update, confirmed, from Miss Richie's publicist:
Richie's publicist, Cindy Guagenti, confirmed to The Associated Press on Wednesday that the couple have split. She said the breakup had been in the works for several days, but would not give any further details. I'm so in there!

Bonus Girly Girl Pick of the Week 12/07

Okay, so here's something I've fallen in love with and this first one was free! Okay, it was free with a purchase at Bath and Body Works. I had to spend at least $10 and I got this $7.50 lip gloss for free. I don't quite know why I got a coupon for this in the mail, but if you ever get these, use them! They rank up there with the coupons for free panties at Victoria's Secret.

I'm talking about C.O. Bigelow's Mentha Lip shine, and it is fantastic. It's minty and cooling and makes your lips feel tingly and ever so bee stung. The gloss is nice, and it's pretty moisturizing. However, the gloss doesn't stay on for very long (i.e. Rosebud Salve lasts forever, this... notsomuch) so you have to reapply. I've got the clear, and now it comes in colors. The colors are a little strange though, and I'm just going to stick with the clear. The mint is great though, and worth the number of reapplications.

While you're at the BBW, give the Tutti Dolce Lotion in Sugar Wafer a sniff... I swear if you use it, you'll want to eat your own arm!

Hello Hello

Only a week and a half until Vertigo...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Attack of the Worm

This is Dennis Rodman. I find it so very, very frightening-- he's wearing more makeup than I do!

I'm sort of having a blog post-fest tonight, it's all snowy and I don't feel like going anywhere.

Evil Doppleganger?

This was weird, I did a double-take when I saw this on Perez's site. I thought this was Jennifer Aniston, turns out it's her evil dopplegnager Mary-Kate Olsen!!! She was at the Lakers game with her new old boyfriend Jeff Katzenburg. She ditched the Greek guy for this guy again, and now the Greek guy is dating Paris Hilton.


Do Not Forget...

I had forgotten about this, but it's too good not to revisit... Fergie and the Black Eyed Pees!!

Sun Online

QUICK-THINKING Black Eyed Peas star Fergie once squirted champagne all over herself to disguise the fact she'd wet herself during a concert.
The gorgeous singer told Interview magazine: "I had a few drinks before the show, but I didn't think to go to the restroom before we went onstage.

"We were jumping around - it was all very rock 'n' roll - and my bladder just started... you know.

"Somebody brought out these champagne bottles because it was the New Year, and I basically opened one up and squirted it all over myself, so nobody would notice.

"It was a very memorable Pea experience."

My New Calling in Life

I want to start a roller derby league in Utah. I've thought a lot about this for a long time, and I've realized it's my calling.

Look at the activities they do!

You can also check out the LA Derby Dolls and see the leagues I'd join if I went to Los Angeles. My roller derby name would be Little Orphan Slammy.

Stop the Madness!!!-- Updated

I am so sick of stars filing for divorce. I need to have some hope in the world that there are relationships that actually work out. As I wander about in my haze of bad dates, failed couplings and attraction toward men who don't want me, I need to see there are people in Hollywood I can look up to! Notsomuch. No more Nick and Jessica, no more Brad and Jen, no more Kevin and Britney...

...okay, I could care less about that last one.

I'm not into Ben and Jen. I'm not into Brad and Angelina. I'm definitely not into Tom and Katie.

The latest in the Hollywood divorce club is Christina Applegate and Johnathon Schaech. I thought they were actually cute, and in every interview I've read with Christina Applegate, she seemed to really be into him. (For those of you saying, "ummm, Johnathon who?" He's the moody singer in That Thing You Do! and also was in a great TNT movie about Houdini's life.) The two filed for divorce in a Los Angeles court Monday afternoon. According to a statement released by their publicist: "After four years of marriage, actors Johnathon Schaech and Christina Applegate have filed for divorce. The decision is mutual. We have no further comment at this time."

Four years? Four years? What the hell? What is the shelf life of a Hollywood marriage? Hell, what is the shelf life of a non-Hollywood marriage?!? Anyway, the couple cited irreconcilable differences.

Updated: Just found this out from Entertainmentwise
Jennifer Aniston has burned the dress she wore when she married her now ex-husband Brad Pitt.
The actress was joined by friends to witness the ritual outside her Malibu beach home.
According to Grazia magazine the actress, who is believed to now be dating actor Vince Vaughn, was sipping champagne and laughing with friends as her wedding dress went up in smoke.

That's what we all need! An ex-boyfriend memorbilia bonfire!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Girly Girl Pick of the Week 12/05

Okay, so the request is moisturizer. I can do that!!! First off, I've got to say that since the weather has changed, I've been a big zit. If you're feeling like me, don't stop moisturizing! The dry cold is way worse than a bad skin week, and has more long-term effects.

I use Proactiv as a cleansing system, and the moisturizer in it is fantastic. There are mall kiosks where you can get the product separate from the whole trio, but it works well on its own. It's not overdrying, but it does have a small amount of salycylic acid in it which helps combat blotchy skin and zits.

In addition to that, I use Clinique's Repairwear at night, along with Advanced Stop Signs Eye. During the day, I use Clinique's Repairwear Day (which is NOT greasy under makeup) along with All About Eyes (that I've talked about before).

Another good moisturizer, which I switch off with and use sparingly is The Body Shop's Vitamin C Skin Boost. They also have a whole line of Vitamin C products to be used together, although I haven't tried them all. I do love the consistencies of the vitamin c moisturizers and lotions and they're worth trying.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


To Garfleck who allegedly gave birth to a baby girl last night. According to US Weekly, Sources confirm to Us that Garner, whose due date was December 8, had her labor induced at an L.A. hospital. The actress is married to Ben Affleck, 33. ''They induced last night,'' a friend of the couple tells Us. ''Ben was with her the entire time.'' Last night, when asked by Us when Garner would be giving birth, Garner's Alias co-star Joel Grey said ''Tonight.''
When contacted by Us, a rep for Garner wouldn't confirm nor deny news of the birth. A rep for Affleck could not be reached.


God bless Perez for this information!!!

First off! Vince "Puffy-Eyed Alcoholic" Vaughn was nearly arrested over the Thanksgiving weekend as he was allegedly under the influence (big shock) and committed a "minor traffic infraction." He and Jennifer Aniston were hanging out in Arizona, because that's just as neat as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's world-wide peacekeeping vacation, and ended up getting pulled over near the resort where they were staying.

But, the cops let them off the hook.

Let me remind you of what Jennifer Aniston has left Brad Pitt for:

In other WOW STORIES...
Apparently Britney Spears and Kevin her wife, left their son at home for a night to spend some time dancing and parying in Los Angeles at DJ AM's club LAX. Things were fine, but when they got home, they spent the rest of the night fighting and Britney KICKED KEVIN OUT! Sources say Mr. Spears was seen leaving the house in the wee hours...

...crying out on the curb...

...okay I added that part in.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Let's Stop and Reflect

In case you missed the original statement, according to People Online the couple says, "After three years of marriage, and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways," the statement says. "This is the mutual decision of two people with an enormous amount of respect and admiration for each other. We hope that you respect our privacy during this difficult time."

Well, since it's over... I took a few minutes out today to watch Newlyweds Season 2. I couldn't help but feel a few pangs of sadness as Jessica and her wife Nick talked about celebrating their one-year anniversary in Atlantic City. Sure, Jessica is an idiot when she's asking Nick what Oktoberfest is, sure she's irritating when she's trying to figure out why some sausage is white, but I can't help but think these two were made for each other.

This leaves us with very few couples to love to hate. You can't hate Brangelina since they're both really hot and fighting for world causes. You can't hate Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe because they're both so likeable. I'm distraught over the whole thing I need a drink.

And Nick says, "Buh bye, Jessica!"

Monday, November 28, 2005

He can bite my neck anytime

Ever since the Lost Boys, I've had a love for Kiefer Sutherland. He's hot in vampire teeth, he's hot in his Young Guns cowboy hat. Let's all take a moment for him in Young Guns 2 where he comes out shooting and then gets killed. Ah yes, Kiefer, my love for you started many years ago.

Now let's sing a little of the haunting Lost Boys anthem, "Thou Shall Not Fall..." Okay, I'm okay now.

Allegedly, Kiefer was spotted out in Hollywood with a boy"friend." Yep, I said it, BOY friend. "Friend" who is a BOY. How hot is this, though-- Kiefer sported black painted nails and black plastic-framed glasses. Yummy? I'd say so! And who cares if he doesn't like girls anymore, right? Julia Roberts certainly dodged that bullet.

Girly Girl Pick of the Week 11/28

Okay, so we go to paint a wall, we prime it... welcome to your face. Before you go to the trouble of the whole eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick thing you've got to prime what's going on under it. Who cares if you're using MAC's newest glitter eyeliner if you've got an uneven skintone thing going on, right?

I am of firm belief that with foundation, you get what you pay for. If you're going for the $2.99 Wet and Wild base because it's cheaper, just don't do it. Remember in the movie "Death Becomes Her" at the end when Glenn Close and Goldie Hawn's faces are cracking and it's like they've got to Bondo it all back together? So is the super cheapola foundation.

That said, you can still find good foundation in the drugstore, just stay away from the crap.

Loreal makes a great line of drugstore foundations, about $11 to $13 that I've found work very well. Also remember Loreal is a subsidiary of Lancome, so I would much rather pay this much than heading to the Lancome counter and paying three times as much for pretty much the same thing. Also, I only like liquid foundations, as the liquid to powder kind of pancake kinds make me break out. If you use these, be sure to either replace the sponge weekly or wash it really well all of the time because the oil from your face gets trapped in them and makes you break out.

Ideal Balance works well if you've got combination skin. The coverage is pretty good, a little on the sheer side, but in all a fairly good product. From their Web site, Idéal Balance contains a special skin-reading technology that helps deliver the perfect balance. Dual Action Complex regulates oil-prone areas and controls shine while adding hydration and helping to protect the dry, sensitive areas. The SPF 10 is a bonus as well, but you're all already putting sunscreen on your faces anyway, right? Right? Even in the winter?

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is a fairly good foundation if you're in a hurry and want pretty minimal coverage. This is like a good Saturday morning going to the grocery store kind of thing. It goes on a little weird, and you have to use your fingers instead of a makeup wedge which sort of freaks me out a little, but it's quick and that's nice. Comes a good colors, and works for most kinds of skin, but I know it didn't make me break out and I will break out easily if the wind shifts.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Tint is also a nice, sheer foundation but I actually like to use it under my foundation if I feel like I'm having a bad skin day. It has just a little bit of salycylic acid in it (zit cream) that sort of works all day to help with any blemishes. It smells weird though, be aware of it, kind of like medicine.

Revlon Skinlights Diffusing Tint is nice because it gives you that "dewy" look, but I only like it at night because it's a little too shimmery for daytime and just makes you feel sort of sweaty-looking. Very pretty colors, and the more-pink tones are neat for sort of an ethereal look. I would NOT get this for every day, rather if you're going for some effect or maybe just want a lighter, more casual thing going on. This sort of made me break out, so if you have really sensitive skin, I would think twice about it.

So in the winter, I get these weird dry places on my face and I switch to Clinique's Dewy Smooth Age-Defying Makeup which I love and adore. Works on combination skin and gives really great coverage. ALOT of coverage, so if you're into the more sheer look, stick with a tinted moisturizer, or something I've described above. From their Web site, Ultra-moisturizing, Clinique's fresh new take on foundation glides on even the driest skin, for a comfortable, supple feeling that lasts. Plumping skin too, so yesterday's lines seem to disappear. Evens out skin tone. Protects with SPF 15. BE SURE to use a new makeup sponge every week if you're going to use this because it's really thick and makes it really gunky if you don't.

So there you have it! No excuses for flaky, uneven zit faces! Not even as the weather changes!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Why, Matthew? Why?

I have loved Matthew Perry since he first stepped onto Friends. That geeky Chandler Bing warmed the cockles of my bitter heart. Maybe it was the sweater-vests, maybe it was the cynical tone of voice, but oh how Chandler make me want to dye my hair and call myself "Monica."

But apparently Matthew Perry is having a rough post-Friends life in Hollywood. According to Perez Hilton, Perry was seen leaving rehab and heading to an exclusive members-only club and looked like he'd been on quite the bender. Allegedly, after sweet Matthew arrived at the club alone (I'll go with you!) he was spotted popping pills at the bar.

Come on, Matthew! I'll rehabilitate you!

Girly Girl Pick of the Week 11/21

Okay, so I'm obsessed with my face and moisturizing and all that good stuff. But THIS product, used a couple of times a week exfoliates and gives your face a glow. You know when you feel like your skin just feels "blah?" Yeah, I do too... before attributing it to too many martinis (because you can never have too many) give this a whirl and see what your face looks and feels like.

I'm talking about Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub!

This orange-y and clove smelling scrub is great, but really you're going to only want to use it a couple of times a week because if your skin is at all sensitive (like mine, I could breathe wrong and be all red-faced and have a zit or something) it'll tear it up. Wash normally, then grab this yummy scrub. Mix it with water, gently massage it on, and let the all-natural products work their magic. Don't get it near your eyes unless you want wrinkles in ten years! I follow it up with a nice toner and then a bunch of moisturizer and I wake up the next day looking like a young girl of 15. No, better than when I was 15 because with all the dance and plays I did, I had major makeup-ick face.

Alllso, as a bonus (and here I go plugging Clinique again! If my career doesn't work out, I'll be either a Wal-Mart greeter or a Clinique girl) I wake up in the morning and use Clinique's All About Eyes. I could have been up all night with a good Irish stout and a hot man, and I look like I got some shut-eye. Keep it in the fridge... aaahhh... now that feels good.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Would the Real Jason Lewis Please Stand Up?

So Lindsay Blowhan has fallen to a prank by some unknown guy claiming to be Jason Lewis (You know, from Sex and the City? Samantha's hunky young boyfriend Smith Jared from Season 6?) and exchanged text messages with this random guy before she found out he wasn't really the real Jason Lewis.

According to People Magazine, "the unfamous Lewis claimed he was in the cocktail lounge of New York's Soho Grand hotel and learned that Lohan had checked in. He left his name and number for her, and she later responded. The fake Lewis claimed to have exchanged a week's worth of calls and text-messages before trying to set up a face-to-face meeting at a New York club. He claimed the meeting fell through when he showed up and Lohan waved the unknown man away."


Though if Smith Jared were calling me, I'd try to meet up with him too! Groooowwwl! He doesn't need to be with Rosario Dawson; pick me! Pick me!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Jack Osbourne Transformed!

Oh my goodness. So remember how on "The Osbournes" Jack was always freaky and fat and had that horrible hair? Yeah, well notsamuch anymore. Jack has gone through rehab, started working out, and remade his hairdo. While he's definitely no Pierce Brosnan, he's much better looking than he used to be. Still, I feel a little creepy looking at this picture because young Jack, and I mean young, is only 20-years-old. This is Jack posing for a spread in Cosmo, I'll spare you the "before" picture so click on the picture to enlarge Jack.

Free Image Hosting at

Girly Girl Pick of the Week 11/14

So, I've been a redhead for a really long time, but now it's more blonde in the front and I got to thinking it's looking sort of dingy. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's my disposition, either way, I found a product that will brighten blonde highlights and make hair sparkle!!

It's inexpensive! It's at drugstores! It's John Frieda's Spun Gold Shaping and Highlighting Balm. I got some the other day and was able to make my hair wavy and chunky with just a hint of glitter in the blonde. Used sparingly, it really gives roots volume and makes the frizzies smooth. Even in the sprinkling of rain this last weekend, my hair didn't fall flat after I got inside and sort of puffed back up the roots. USE IT SPARINGLY THOUGH because it's a little waxy and will totally gum up your hair and make it look really dirty if you use too much.

How It Works:
- Delivers a perfectly polished finish or a sexy, tousled texture to short or long hair
- Gives blonde hair sure-shape, sexy texture with lift, body and soft separation
- Instantly lights up blonde highlights with a shimmering 24K shine
- Keeps blonde bright and shiny

But it works on hair that's not blonde too... like mine's all stripey red and blonde right now, and it made it look faboo!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Vaughniston to Wed?

Oooooh, the rumors are certainly getting juicy surrounding Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston! The Sun (UK publication) is reporting Vaughn sold his house and has moved to Jen's Malibu pad and proposed! Apparently the proposal came after Jennifer woke up from a dream, crying tears of joy that Vince was "the one."

I don't know, I'm as miffed about his as I am about Brad and Angelina. It's like the corpse of the Pitt/ Aniston marriage isn't even cold, and here they're engrossed in new relationships. Maybe I'm a bit harsh, but I think Jennifer can do much better than Vince "Bloaty McBloats" Vaughn; and I used to really like him back in the Swingers days! He's just so puffy and dark-circley now.

...but I guess if they're happy.

Lindsay Lohan Nearly Engaged?

So, this morning I read that Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto might be getting engaged!! Well, according to Lindsay's friend who was quoted in Life & Style Weekly who said, "She's crazy about Jared." Meaning Miss Lohan wants to hurry and get married while Leto still likes her because he's been known to go through the ladies nearly as much as Colin Farrell.

Lohan and Leto have been dating off and on since Lohan let go of Wilmer Valderrama and Leto dropped the Mary-Kate muppet. Another friend of Lohan's says "Lindsay has met the man of her dreams," which is really scary becuase the girl isn't even 21 yet. I think back all all the "men of my dreams" I met in my early 20s, and I'm glad I never settled for any of them!

Stay tuned for updates on this one! I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up in another Vegas wedding a' la Britney Spears!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Is This Too Low-Cut?

Demi Moore: "Hey Ashton, we're going out tonight. Does this dress make my nipples look too big?"

Ashton Kutcher: "Dude, where's the top of your dress?"

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

You Just Don't Fit In

Martha Stewart is on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno right now.
She is wearing black leather pants.

I will try to find photos tomorrow, it's pretty heinous.

Cut Short By Simpson's "Peeps"

I was watching "Access Hollywood" tonight because my love, Billy Bush, was doing an interview with Jessica Simpson and her latest enterprise. I put aside my Dessert Body Butter for a minute to stop and watch and I was AMAZED that Jessica's "peeps" (she said that, not me, in reference to her handlers) would not let sweet Billy continue with his interview when he started trying to get information about her marriage to Nick Lachey. Enquiring minds want to know, besides, how and the hell is Bush supposed to do probably a 30-minute interview all about her ugly shoe line? Jessica's publicist got a little fiesty with Billy when he tried to find out the truth about all the tabloid headlines referring to the "Split!" of Simpson and Lachey, the bitch publicist wouldn't even let my yummy Billy-Pants ask about Jessica's involvement with Operation Smile and her recent trip to Africa (where she went allegedly without Nick).

Anyhow, this is the frustrating thing about interviewing people and I'm glad it doesn't happen to just me. (Jeremy Piven, I still hate you for being mean to me in an interview, and I will never watch Entourage ever again!) But come on! It's not like Billy Bush is some paparazzi-stalker hiding out in a tree trying for pictures. They're in a scheduled interview, so why shouldn't Jessica set the record straight on some of this bad-marriage rumor stuff? It is frustrating to be doing an interview with someone, only to have to adhere to the "rules of the publicist" and keep some topics off-limit. If more stars were up front about their lives, then maybe there wouldn't be so many tabloid rumors that they're so fond of griping about.

Here's what Billy wrote in his blog after the interview was all said and done:
On the drive home, I received an e-mail from her father blasting me for being 'untruthful' and breaking a deal he made with our producers. I checked with our producers and they told me they had agreed to pass on Simpson Management's concerns. I took them into account and resolved to make sure I handled things respectfully and gently.
I responded to him with this, and he then fired back that "your actions speak to my character." My response, this time, was quite stern in defense of my character, and I noted his "tremendous financial interest in your daughter's marriage - as a PUBLIC enterprise"...
I like Jessica Simpson a lot, and I admire Joe too...he's worked hard to help her get where she is. But, let's not forget HOW she got to this point. The marriage is what they sold to America and America bought it in droves.
My final suggestion was that they do not do any interviews at this time, if now is not a good time. Now if they do, might I suggest Mike Wallace...he loves shoes and I'm sure he'll gladly accept restrictions....

I love you Billy Bush! I love you!

Yeah Right!

From Contact Music,

BLACK EYED PEAS singer FERGIE insists she has never had cosmetic surgery, but she would consider having Botox treatment to improve her sun ravaged skin.
The singer, real name STACY FERGUSON, has spent so much time basking in the sun in exotic locations around the world, she knows the effects will soon start to show.
And Fergie would also consider surgery to maintain her sultry looks and figure as her advancing years begin to take their toll.
The 30-year-old says, "I haven't had any surgery but I would maybe consider a nip and a tuck. I've been sun tanning forever and damaging my skin.
"I would be open to botox."

08/11/2005 13:29

Here's the thing, Fergie looks NOTHING like she did when she was cute, little Stacy Ferguson on Kids Incorporated. ("K-I-D-S, Kids In-Corporated!") It's like, you've had plastic surgery, everyone in Hollywood does it now, just get over it. It's fine. You wouldn't be "hot" to some people without it, you'd still be "cute." And in the immortal words of Susan Sarandon in "Bull Durham," "I don't want to be cute, baby ducks are cute!" If you look closely, she used to look quite a lot like Candice Cameron, who was WAY more popular during this time. Maybe the plastic surgery was to make sure she didn't look like Candice? Yeah, right.

Monday, November 07, 2005

No Colin! Noooo!

I don't want to make this blog all about Colin Farrell and Paris Hilton, but they've been in the gossip rags a lot lately. This lovely gem is no exception:

The guy he's kissing is named Diego Maradona. I have no idea who that is.

Girly Girl Pick of the Week 11/07

So, there have been a few requests for lipstick picks for this week and I'd like to share with everyone a few of my favorites. Here's the thing, I've tried many cheapo lipsticks (hello?!? Wet n' Wild) and a few expensive lipsticks (not a fan of Lancome) and I've got to say that a lot of the "middle of the road" priced lipsticks are my favorites. Here's the thing, if you find one that works for you, get it and wear it and love it because lipstick colors come in and out of style faster than the seasons' skirt lengths!

My pick for this week since it also happens to still be Clinique Bonus Week at Nordstrom is Clinique Color Surge lipstick. I like Sassy Spice, but they have a wide variety of colors in this line of lipstick. I like it because it goes on a great color and stays there all day, I've put it on in the morning before and it lasts clear until I get home in the evening after talking through my job all day, and drinking drinks and snacking and the whole thing. I like to get it and pair it with Wet n' Wild lipliner, becuase I just can't bring myself to pay for an expensive lipliner, and it looks fabulous! I've had people ask me before if it's that long long wearing stuff, and it's not! (I can't wear the long wearing stuff, it dries out my lips and gives me coldsores)

It looks great alone, but sometimes for varitey I pair it with a nice gloss over the top, like Clinique's Glosswear for Lips Sheer Shimmer in Sunrise or Sunset.

And when the day's nearly done, I perk up the shine and moisture of the great lipstick with Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve. I'm addicted to it, it's glossy and yummy and lasts forever!!!

By the way, I keep saying it's Bonus Week, and while I never pass up a freebie, this isn't the best free gift they've had. Just so you know.