Wednesday, October 26, 2005

How Nice is too Nice? A Rant.

I'm continually amazed at how tactless people are when they feel they know you, but don't. Case in point: men who have to nitpick women on the radio just because they're women. I don't just assume a guy is a "skank" or a "slut" because he's on the air, why are those the easiest things to call women they hear? Do they honestly think, "She's on the radio, she's a slut?" Is that the question that goes through their heads? Amazing that these people who don't even know me think I'm an "idiot," a "slut," a "skank," a "teeny-bopper jerk."

Thick skin. Fine, you have to have thick skin, but sometimes I don't. It's hard enough to get up, try to do a good job at work, try to have a bit of a life, take care of yourself, make sure the oil in your car is changed... the normal stuff everyone else deals with too. And yet, some person has to ruin your day by just sending an email out of the blue personally insulting you for absolutely nothing. Nothing constructive, just the fact that you're on the radio so you're a "skank."

Token woman. When will society get to the point where the female isn't the "token?" Will we ever deem a man "token?" And why is it that when a women works off her ass and tries to get ahead in her career, she's nothing more than just a "token?" Not a "hard-worker" not "good at what she does" but a "token."

At what point do you stop having the will not to believe all the bad stuff? Never, I will rant and I will go on. Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one, and so do I.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

New Level of Geekdom

Finally got my computer up and running, thanks to Paul who came to visit from New Orleans. New battery, Tiger, and a new hard drive. I used to have a 20 Gb, but made the switch to a 60. Now, part of me thinks I should've sucked it up and gotten a 100 Gb. I guess I'll see how this one goes and then move up from there. Thanks also to the guys at ExperCom who replaced the hard drive in less than an hour.

So now that everything's up and running, I'm much more motivated to update the ol' blog. "Yeah, right!" you say? No, really, I've found new love in my iBook. I've also gotten really really into podcasting today, more so than just the occasional Salon report I download. If you're into this sort of thing, check out "this WEEK in TECH" or "TWIT," MacCast and iPod Lounge Week in Review.