Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I've Got My Colin to Keep me Warm

Jock in the Box continued today, but for the first time this week, I wasn't cold! Since I'm totally against nature, I borrowed some snow outfit thing from a co-worker, and it's amazing how much nicer the day was! Not that I want to rush out and start snowboarding tomorrow or anything, but still, I was ambitious to go out and get my own warm pants in the event of another outdoor promotion.

In an attempt to then warm my soul, I decided to browse a little Colin Farrell this morning, hoping to find some information on the upcoming Miami Vice movie. Not much info there yet, as it's in pre-production, but I did find this tasty photo of Mr. Farrell himself. For some bonus Hollywood Sleaze I didn't talk about today, While in Miami with Jamie Foxx filming Miami Vice, Colin took time out from shooting practice (guns and such) at a remote Secret Service building to flirt with women from a neighboring Spanish language TV station. Sources say, "Girls were running across the street to stare at him."

Can you blame them?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It's Cold Outside!!

So, we're out for Jock in the Box all this week-- well, the guys are out much more than I am. We're trying to get clothing for The Road Home so, Frank and DB have decided to live in a cardboard box on State Street. Great in theory, but frankly, it sucks. Maybe I'm just a big, blue-eyed, red-haired baby, but it's so cold in the mornings, it takes nearly four hours for me to feel all thawed out. "Layers!" they say, "dress in layers!" Which is fantastic if you have clothing to layer-- I, for one, don't. I don't have big baggy jeans to put over flannel pants and long-johns. I don't have long-johns, for real, I don't do cold weather activities. I thought maybe a couple of pairs of Capezio ballet pink tights from dance class might cut it under my jeans today, but to no avail.

Did I mention I don't do cold? I don't ski, I don't snowboard, I'm more of a temperate to tropical kind of girl, which is why I think if I go home, the thermostat is set to 78 degrees. And let me tell you, nothing felt better yesterday than going home to my warm apartment, taking a hot bubble bath, and settling in for some quality television time before snuggling into my nice, comfy bed. Give me 600 thread-count sheets ANYTIME over what the guys are putting themselves through right now!!

In other news, I think Deena and I are going out for coffee today, and I'm hoping to pick a place with a cute barista to flirt with. We may shop, but if not, I might break down and go to the grocery store tonight. That would be a bold step for me, as I hate grocery shopping.

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Because there is so much that doesn't get on the air, I thought I'd create this little blog for people to read more about stuff.

I'm starting off with a fantstic musical I saw today up at the Egyptian Theatre Company in Park City, Utah, home of the 2002 Olympic games. "Jesus Christ Superstar" is totally worth the time and drive Eastward up the canyon. Okay, so I'm a little biased because I have a couple of friends in it, including on of my favorite partners in crime, Deena -- but all bias aside, it was FABULOUS! It's like Broadway in Utah and stuff. Or with the snow and slush, one might prefer to call it Broadway on Ice.

Deena looked great, I think my favorite costume of hers was the white pleather outfit with the angel wings. Oh, and her friend Justin who plays Herod was fantastic as well. Also, my friend Chris was great as Peter and looks amazing in plaid rockstar pants and black eyeliner-- if you're into that sort of thing, which I am. In fact, I think all of the men in the show were wearing eyeliner, and it was hot.

So, go and flock unto it right now because it only runs until the first weekend in March.

Oh, and go see the play I'm in too, while you're feeling all cultured and stuff... "Last of the Red Hot Lovers" by Neil Simon at StageRight TheatreCompany in Salt Lake. It's a good show, if musicals aren't your thing, then you'll like this.