Thursday, May 01, 2008

The tooth saga continues. Still. Again.

While my tooth saga continues right up to my leaving for the east coast tomorrow evening, I have to admit there are some good people in the world. I finally decided to get a second opinion on why I was getting the dental run around since March. (Which, incidentally, is the last time I had a good night's sleep. Wednesday March 26, to be specific.) I decided to get a second opinion at Sugarhouse Dental Spa because if I was going to have to pay, I wanted a massage and a latte out of the deal. Not only are the folks who work there fantastic, but they immediately whisk you into a massage chair while you fill out your paperwork, and offer you a coffee.

Dr. Graham there confirmed everything my dentist had said about the debacle that has turned out to be my whole mouth, but he explained it in a way that made everything seem all better, and while he didn't fix anything today, I felt okay about the whole thing. As soon as I get all squared away, I'll return in six months for my cleaning.

And another latte.

And a paraffin dip on my hands.

So I leave on a jet plane tomorrow night, and when I return, I'll get that pesky root canal and maybe finally a full night of rest. While I'm excited to head to Boston, I am continually amazed about the cool stuff we have right here in Salt Lake. Namely, Larry Miller's Motorsports Park. Having always liked cars (my mom says I got the name Holly after her favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's. My dad says I got the name Holly after his 1966 Corvette which had a Holley carburetor. I guess everyone won.) I found this particularly interesting.

The other night I met the host of the following video who had been out at Larry's raceway all day doing donuts in Mustangs and drooling over Shelbys. Rough job, for sure. And when I get back from Baahston next week, I'll have to play tourist in my own backyard and check out this great car museum we seemingly overlook here.

You can check out more at Garage419. It doesn't suck.


Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of your Dad with the Corvette? If so, your Dad was way more badass than I ever gave him credit for. I mean, I knew he was badass, but I didn't know he was quite *that* badass.

One question though: how did he go from that 'Vette to a teal mid-90s Thunderbird? Seems like a huge step backwards.

h.justin said...

I wish they still made shirts like the one your dad is wearing.

1979 semi-finalist said...

1. love the new header. pretty!

2. your dad = super badass.

3. i'm so sorry about your continuing pain. having just been through the most intensive sinus infection anyone on planet has ever had (this is proven i swear) i can't imagine tooth pain for more than a month. i'm so sorry. hope it is fixed soon and you sleep like a baby.

4. have fun in boston. i'll wave real hard at you sunday about noon okay?...wave back this way...maybe we'll get lucky and glimpse each other. :o

oh and 5. your drawing is coming...i started a sketch this morning...

Holly said...

Kris: Yep, that's The Dude. He's always been bad ass, and I'm glad you know he's even more bad ass than you previously realized!!

The T-Bird was NOT teal! It was Midnight Opal, officially, that sorta black/blue thing; and since he played in the latin band at that time, it was still bad ass. But he did always seem to have a thing for American made cars.

h.justin: There's your new calling into fashion design for men. Make a line of late 1960s t-shirts. When you're famous for it and showing your t-shirts at Bryant Park, I can say, "I knew him when..."

Kel: 1. Thanks! I need to tweak the picture and stuff to make it fit a little better, but it's always nice to have a new look. Your new header inspired me to make a change.
2. WAY super bad ass. I agree.
3. I should be over the teeth soon, but I was sorry to hear that you've been feeling so crappy. Are you about over feeling like total hell? I'm glad you're better, selfishly, because I miss your daily blog updates.
4. I'll wave at noon Sunday for sure. It'll be like east coast psychic friends connection. I want to head out to NYC sometime soon, then we can have frosty alcoholic beverages.
5. SERIOUSLY?!? You're awesome!! It will be a permanent fixture on my page, and when YOU'RE famous, I can say, "I knew her when." :)
(I'm also excited to see what a cartoon of me with boobs looks like) Thank you.