Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have to disagree

Today it was revealed that Matt Damon is People Magazine's sexiest man alive for 2007. The headline to this post reveals my opinion, I disagree. While Matt Damon is moderately sexy, I don't think he is the sexiest man in 2007, there are sexier. Sure, he's gotten better since Good Will Hunting (even though the Boston accent is always a plus), but I'm a firm believer that the Ben Affleck of that era is far sexier.

I think Matt Damon is the poor man's Leonardo DiCaprio. There, I said it.

Others on the list include:
Patrick Dempsey- I wholeheartedly agree, though after watching the recent E! True Hollywood Story on him, he was kind of a butthole early on in his career. He's mellowed, and I think that's made him even McDreamier.

Ryan Reynolds- I actually walked out of Van Wilder, not a high point in his career. Though his strong points include dumping Alanis Morrissette and the fact that he's 6'2".

Brad Pitt- I'm over Brad Pitt being on this list. There needs to become a point where these men no longer make the list. Also, he always looks dirty-- even when he's supposedly cleaned up. He also looks like he smells bad.

James Mcavoy- A Scottish nobody who speaks too highly of Kiera Knightly after performing a love scene in a movie. Turn on- Scottish accent. Turn off- Smells of haggis.

Johnny Depp- See the above commentary on Brad Pitt and smelling bad. Though Johnny Depp is a bit more palatable since he's extremely quirky and eccentric. And he was Edward Scissorhands. I also still have dreams of 21 Jump Street.

Dave Annable- I have no idea who this guy is. I don't watch Brothers and Sisters, but in his publicity shot for this story he's depicted rolling around with a giant, smelly dog.

Will Smith- I have always liked him, but don't we think he finally has enough money for ear-pinning surgery? I mean, if they'd needed extra lift for the spaceship in Independence Day, he could've flapped those suckers and taken flight.

Javier Bardem- Hot. Smoking hot. I will sit through Love in the Time of Cholera at least twice to gaze upon his loveliness.

Shemar Moore- Who? Hot though.

Ben Affleck- You couldn't name Matt Damon the Sexiest Man Alive without including the man joined at his hip, now could you? I have already mentioned I think Ben Affleck is extremely hot, only diminished slightly by the fact he was engaged to J-Lo. (Remember Bennifer 1.0?)

Adrian Grenier- I'm torn on this. He's like a two-face in that sometimes he looks really great, and other times he kind of has that "I don't change my t-shirt, jeans or wash my hair" look. For personal reasons, I refuse to watch Entourage but that isn't his fault-- it's Jeremy Piven's. He's Satan's minion.

Will Yun Lee- Again, I say, "Who?"

Justin Timberlake- Hot. In fact, I never really thought so until recently, but he's growing out of his weirdness. Plus, he can dance and that's a trait I constantly search for in men. Sure he dated Britney, but that was when she was cute too.

And from the online list I'm wondering where are Daniel Craig, Alex O'Loughlin and Eric Dane? I'd better see something else in the print edition or I'm going to be very disappointed.


NinjasOfLoretto said...

it's and i don't actually agree on the individuals, but we do seem to agree on the central theme...WHO THE FUCK IS MAKING THESE DECISIONS?!

i'm not going to fight you on Javier Bardem because i too find talent and skill (and height!) highly attractive and his picture is super hot, although watching him last weekend in No Country For Old Men makes it hard to imagine him on this list... but if he's on the list and a FINALLY fully discovered superstar/supertalent Josh Brolin (who i've been pining for since Goonies) is not, then i may have to not only disagree with the list but totally boycott it. i don't have the full list...only what's online, so i'll have to weigh in more later (i'm sure you'll be on the edge of your seat).

as for Damon, i do think he's hot...certainly more than Affleck, but maybe that's my yearn for talent and not just looks in my men...ooooh. burn!

the rest that you mentioned:

Patrick Dempsey: lame. i never get this guy's appeal, although he's better looking and more likable now than before - I agree.

Ryan Reynolds: super hot, super funny, super bad at choosing movie roles.

Brad Pitt: always hot and getting sexy Indian Jones-ish hot in his "old age".

James McEoy: lame.

Johnny Depp: always interesting, though i agree, possibly smelly.

Dave Annable: never heard of him and his "pickup line" is dreadful, you better be hot if that's your best line.

Will Smith: always hot and likable. i'm in.

Shemar Moore: ah the requisite beefcake. ah who cares.

Adrian Grenier: the guys got nothing...or almost nothing appealing going on. i just don't get it.

Will Yun Lee: his associate with Bionic Woman is enough to be a death knell for me no matter how hot.

Justin Timberlake: ICK! as a dancer Hol i forgive you for liking Timberlake, he's also getting great reviews for Southland Tales, so i may have to take all this back post viewing.

longest. comment. ever.



J said...

Old, smelly, strange ears, dirty appearance and, funny...looking. Alas my name is not on that list. My stock must be rising though.


Anonymous said...

Justin Timberlake is NOT sexy.

Brad is sexy but I agree People mag should have a hall of fame and have new guys on the list.

Daniel Craig should have been on the list.

AmandaStretch said...

Why you didn't add more pictures here, at least for my benefit, I don't know. *goes back to*

Also, agreed, where the crap is Daniel Craig on this list? That man is sexy. Also, after last night's Private Practice, Taye Diggs is the sexiest black man alive.

I'll stop there. :) PS, I think you've talked to my dad recently. Weird!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who half of those people are, but here's a few thoughts. (Am I allowed to use <ul> tags here? No. Lame.)

- Patrick Dempsey: I suppose he's hot, but only in that "Hi, I'm 35 years old, and still buying drinks for 21 year old girls at Port-o-Call" sort of way.

- Matt Damon: sure, he may be sexy, but he knows he's sexy, which probably makes him that d-bag that walks around giving people that wink and gunshot combo. (You know, the guy who winks, then shoots you with his forefinger and thumb, usually makes a "chechk" noise at the same time.

- Ben Affleck: DEFINITELY that wink and gunshot d-bag.

- Johnny Depp: for the love of god, stop with the pirate movies.

- Justin Timberlake: Meh. I have no opinion of him. Although, my trainer use to say that I looked like him. So, I'll accept that he's sexy.

- Ryan Reynolds, James Mcavoy, Dave Annable, Javier Bardem, Shemar Moore, Adrian Grenier, Will Yun Lee: Who? Hope you boys are saving your money, because it's a short ride.

It doesn't matter how many times they publish this list, Captain Picard will always be the sexiest man alive. (Sexiest Man on Television, TV Guide, 1992. Crap, I'm old).

JM Bell said...

In the greatest culture in the history of human kind, the smell of haggis is an aphrodisiac. And you know it.

Your denial of the all powerful, randy-making haggis is just plain sad.

Holly said...

See, everyone?!? Who decides these things?!?

The replies have confirmed that I think they should have an online vote/submission process and not just some horny intern behind the keyboard at People Magazine!!

Dave said...

Is it just me or does that pic of Mr. Damon make him look more like John C. Reilly? So, where's he on the list then?

urban princess said...

I picked up the mag at lunch today. The weirdest(?) section: Sexy Scars. Now, I'm a girl that loves a good scar and loved that a hockey player, even if it is Sean Avery of the NY Rangers, was featured. Hockey players will ALWAYS be hot.

And Eric Dane is featured as well, and welllll, you know how I feel about him.

Holly said...

UP: At least Eric Dane was in the print version.

I looked for it at the store today and couldn't find it, so I need to come and look at yours. Thank goodness for Eric Dane.