Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cut Short By Simpson's "Peeps"

I was watching "Access Hollywood" tonight because my love, Billy Bush, was doing an interview with Jessica Simpson and her latest enterprise. I put aside my Dessert Body Butter for a minute to stop and watch and I was AMAZED that Jessica's "peeps" (she said that, not me, in reference to her handlers) would not let sweet Billy continue with his interview when he started trying to get information about her marriage to Nick Lachey. Enquiring minds want to know, besides, how and the hell is Bush supposed to do probably a 30-minute interview all about her ugly shoe line? Jessica's publicist got a little fiesty with Billy when he tried to find out the truth about all the tabloid headlines referring to the "Split!" of Simpson and Lachey, the bitch publicist wouldn't even let my yummy Billy-Pants ask about Jessica's involvement with Operation Smile and her recent trip to Africa (where she went allegedly without Nick).

Anyhow, this is the frustrating thing about interviewing people and I'm glad it doesn't happen to just me. (Jeremy Piven, I still hate you for being mean to me in an interview, and I will never watch Entourage ever again!) But come on! It's not like Billy Bush is some paparazzi-stalker hiding out in a tree trying for pictures. They're in a scheduled interview, so why shouldn't Jessica set the record straight on some of this bad-marriage rumor stuff? It is frustrating to be doing an interview with someone, only to have to adhere to the "rules of the publicist" and keep some topics off-limit. If more stars were up front about their lives, then maybe there wouldn't be so many tabloid rumors that they're so fond of griping about.

Here's what Billy wrote in his blog after the interview was all said and done:
On the drive home, I received an e-mail from her father blasting me for being 'untruthful' and breaking a deal he made with our producers. I checked with our producers and they told me they had agreed to pass on Simpson Management's concerns. I took them into account and resolved to make sure I handled things respectfully and gently.
I responded to him with this, and he then fired back that "your actions speak to my character." My response, this time, was quite stern in defense of my character, and I noted his "tremendous financial interest in your daughter's marriage - as a PUBLIC enterprise"...
I like Jessica Simpson a lot, and I admire Joe too...he's worked hard to help her get where she is. But, let's not forget HOW she got to this point. The marriage is what they sold to America and America bought it in droves.
My final suggestion was that they do not do any interviews at this time, if now is not a good time. Now if they do, might I suggest Mike Wallace...he loves shoes and I'm sure he'll gladly accept restrictions....

I love you Billy Bush! I love you!