Monday, November 28, 2005

He can bite my neck anytime

Ever since the Lost Boys, I've had a love for Kiefer Sutherland. He's hot in vampire teeth, he's hot in his Young Guns cowboy hat. Let's all take a moment for him in Young Guns 2 where he comes out shooting and then gets killed. Ah yes, Kiefer, my love for you started many years ago.

Now let's sing a little of the haunting Lost Boys anthem, "Thou Shall Not Fall..." Okay, I'm okay now.

Allegedly, Kiefer was spotted out in Hollywood with a boy"friend." Yep, I said it, BOY friend. "Friend" who is a BOY. How hot is this, though-- Kiefer sported black painted nails and black plastic-framed glasses. Yummy? I'd say so! And who cares if he doesn't like girls anymore, right? Julia Roberts certainly dodged that bullet.


just jane said...

Kiefer. MMMmmm....I will take a side of him anytime!!!