Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yeah Right!

From Contact Music,

BLACK EYED PEAS singer FERGIE insists she has never had cosmetic surgery, but she would consider having Botox treatment to improve her sun ravaged skin.
The singer, real name STACY FERGUSON, has spent so much time basking in the sun in exotic locations around the world, she knows the effects will soon start to show.
And Fergie would also consider surgery to maintain her sultry looks and figure as her advancing years begin to take their toll.
The 30-year-old says, "I haven't had any surgery but I would maybe consider a nip and a tuck. I've been sun tanning forever and damaging my skin.
"I would be open to botox."

08/11/2005 13:29

Here's the thing, Fergie looks NOTHING like she did when she was cute, little Stacy Ferguson on Kids Incorporated. ("K-I-D-S, Kids In-Corporated!") It's like, you've had plastic surgery, everyone in Hollywood does it now, just get over it. It's fine. You wouldn't be "hot" to some people without it, you'd still be "cute." And in the immortal words of Susan Sarandon in "Bull Durham," "I don't want to be cute, baby ducks are cute!" If you look closely, she used to look quite a lot like Candice Cameron, who was WAY more popular during this time. Maybe the plastic surgery was to make sure she didn't look like Candice? Yeah, right.


SJ said...

Oh, Man! I totally forgot about that show.

Holly said...

When I was younger, I wanted to be on this show so bad! It's funny if you do a search all the people who started out on Kids Incorporated: Mario Lopez, Martika and other B-rate celebs.