Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wha' The Fuh?

So, here's a little rant before I go to bed, and then I'm over it. Bear with me.

I think I'm dating this guy who seems great, yeah, he's a little younger than me, but I didn't figure there was a problem with that. Things are fantastic for a few weeks, we're getting along, things are fun, we're having fun together. Then, bam! Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. He's too busy, he's not interested, he tries giving the "let's just be friends" speech; which I do not accept. I don't need any more guy friends, especially since I enjoy kissing him and I do not usually go around kissing my friends.

We go a week, talking every night (this would be after his attempt at "let's be friends,") and then tonight he's suddenly too busy hosting a party I'm clearly not invited to, to see me this weekend. Whateva' I'm done with it, and I didn't get upset with him. When I said, "bye" to the phone call, the "bye" meant more. You know, kids, you're damned if you're cool and you're damned if you're not cool. If you give men the space they so cherish (and I do too! I don't really want to see someone every damn night of the week) then you're not clingy enough for the drama they desire. If you're too demanding, then you're a "crazy bitch." I prefer to be cool, and guys can't seem to handle that. They wonder what you're hiding, they wonder if you're too independent for them.

Guess what? I am. Independence is not a bad thing, in fact, I've worked my whole life to have a fabulous career and total independence. I'm not ugly, I'm not fat, I've got a great job and a fantastic car I love. Men can't handle that. In order to finally have supreme power (which is completely stupid) they have to throw down the "let's just be friends." I'm so tired of thinking I'm the problem, feeling like I'm not good enough for all of these guys with whom I end up spending a short amount of time and then never see again. I used to think the key component in all the failed attempts and bad dates is me or my personality, and my only fault is that I choose these men who aren't fierce enough to hang.

And so the tables are turned. The gender roles are switched where the boys end up as emotionally disturbed as they perceive the girls are. Well, this girl is not, and fierce is the key word because I am fierce. And I deserve nothing less in return.

Thanks for the vent. Feel free to email me for a pict of him, print it out, and we'll all make voodoo dolls.


Sarah Bellum said...

we single woman of thirty are an elitist bunch. i would much rather remain single and surround myself with good friends and all things pink than settle. that boy and his silly little issues, who needs it? go shopping, retail therapy always helps me!

Holly B. said...

Sarah, you rock! In fact, I found last night a gorgeous dress at Banana Republic to wear to a swanky party next Wednesday. In a size smaller than I've ever worn before! :)

You're right, retail therapy IS the key. And looking at the hot dress makes me happy.

Ryanne said...

Boy oh boy (pun intended), that is why i never date anyone younger than I am.

tgi56 said...


He's a fool ! You deserve better. :)

Holly B. said...

Sigh... yeah... thanks. Oh well.