Monday, November 21, 2005

Why, Matthew? Why?

I have loved Matthew Perry since he first stepped onto Friends. That geeky Chandler Bing warmed the cockles of my bitter heart. Maybe it was the sweater-vests, maybe it was the cynical tone of voice, but oh how Chandler make me want to dye my hair and call myself "Monica."

But apparently Matthew Perry is having a rough post-Friends life in Hollywood. According to Perez Hilton, Perry was seen leaving rehab and heading to an exclusive members-only club and looked like he'd been on quite the bender. Allegedly, after sweet Matthew arrived at the club alone (I'll go with you!) he was spotted popping pills at the bar.

Come on, Matthew! I'll rehabilitate you!


Ami said... love the geeks?!?!

Holly said...

I'm down with geeks because I am one!! Comics, vampires, bring them on!

Ami said...

Odd, I would have guessed you the pretty girl not the geeky girl. I guess sometimes both can be managed??

tgi56 said...

Have you heard Golightly laugh before??? She maybe a geek. :)

Ami said...

TGI56--no comment!

Holly said...

TGI56--u suck.