Monday, December 12, 2005

Get a Grip!

We've talked a lot about the many Hollywood breakups as of late, but let's examine a relationship that stays together, making me say, "Why?" Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have one-year-old twins, they're seemingly happy. Roberts has recently stated she'd like to get pregnant again, however is going to work on Broadway before that. Moder has a fairly lucrative career as a cinematographer.

Now I'm no body language expert (obviously, which is why all my relationships end up in the crapper), but this CAN NOT be the photo of two people hopelessly in love. He looks like he's being punished! He got his fourth tardy in Math and is being led by the arm all the way down the hall to detention. And that look on Julia's face! Not the face of a happy camper; she just looks freakin' mean!!!

What is worse, an unhappy couple mugging it for the paparazzi or a happy couple looking like they're literally going to kill each other? At least Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey had the common sense to fake their love until the end.


Ryanne said...

I miss Nick and Jessica!

Holly said...

I know, me too... we all miss Nick and Jessica. I miss the chicken/tuna debacle.

I miss loving to hate her.

sarahbellum said...

agreed. nick-n-jess forever!