Thursday, January 07, 2010

365 Photos- 7/365

I'm going to brag for a bit here: I lost five pounds over the holidays. I know what you're saying right now, but save it because it was no easy task giving up desserts, fattening foods and even drinking less alcohol than I would have liked. So in my plan to continue last year's healthy eating into the new decade, I've taken up bananas.

I never really liked bananas, it's a textural thing, to where any more than over half a banana hits the gag reflex. (Insert joke about gagging on a banana here.) But they are really good for me to eat during the first part of the day, and I've noticed the potassium helps out with keeping my post-workout muscle aches to a bearable level.

Now let's talk banana color, shall we? I only like yellow bananas that are ever so slightly green on the tips. If the bananas are too brown and spotty, I am immediately turned off as my spidey sense tells me the insides have turned to squish. I feel the slight green tip color lends itself to a firmer banana, a texture that is less likely a culprit in triggering the gag. (Fine, insert another joke here.)

Tonight, I saw an entire grocery store display of probably the most disgusting bananas I've ever seen. There were rows and rows of completely green, icky, unripe bananas; a shade of green so disgusting I've never seen it in reality. (Of course, I've never in my entire life changed a diaper of a baby who has consumed curry, so perhaps it does exist somewhere in reality. Or in India.)

And then I noticed the sign over the hideous zombie banana display read, "Golden Ripe Bananas."


I hate grocery shopping.