Saturday, January 16, 2010

365 Photos- 16/365

I took a trip to Big Lots today to find some cheap, blank DVDs and was amazed that I found so much more the store had to offer! I found a case of Ultra Douches (douchi? What's the plural of douche?) stashed on a shelf next to a case of Performance Energy Powerbars and laughed out loud. Of course! If a person is going to crack into a case of Ultra Douches, of course they're going to need a bunch of energy to do that! I'm so glad to see that Big Lots is sensitive to what is likely to be a fairly extensive process.

Upon further inspection of Big Lots items, I found probably the cutest box of tampons I've ever seen. Dittie tampons are, "the first premium brand of tampons that give women superior quality, ultimate reliability, diva-worthy style and a whole lot of fun..." And they even make you feel like you're a better person with their "mood uplifting messages printed on each and every tampon."


Who's the crazy lady taking a picture of Big Lots tampons?