Sunday, January 17, 2010

365 Photos- 17/365

As my mom and I were leaving lunch today, I noticed across the parking lot another way of eating lunch. Though I didn't partake of the Mexican food myself, I did noticed that they also serve up the HCG Diet next door. This way, you can go and gorge yourself on refried beans and spicy meat and then go shoot up semi-experimental weight loss hormones to counteract the burrito bomb.

Why do so many gyms/diet establishments exist in strip malls next to fat fast food joints? One dance studio I frequent is sandwiched between a donut shop and a Maverik. My gym is next door to one of my favorite pubs. The pilates place where I take Zumba makes me walk past House of Bread. Though willpower is on my side, it's sometimes easier than other times.

Those other times being when I stuff a donut, beer and crusty bread loaf in my piehole.