Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm Over It...

Not that anybody gives a shit, but I've taken a bit of a break from updating the Beyond the Air blog. I've turned into a hermit, I'm sick of people and all of their comments like I'm not really a person who has feelings. Besides, who really gives a shit about all this pink and Hollywood gossip that doesn't count for anything in the world. Perhaps I am the idiot who understands nothing more than Britney's zits.

For anybody's information, I do have feelings, in fact, in my personal life I'm dealing with things harder than I've ever dealt with before. And to come to my job and have to listen to callers anonymously respond on our comment line and tell me how stupid they think I am and how much they hate me is really tough. Oh, "poor Holly," you're thinking? Well screw you. I don't come to Taco Bell and criticize you while you're making a burrito. It is hard. And to say "have a thicker skin" fine, easier said than done. It's not like stars and tabloids where all you have to do is not read the magazine. Part of my job is to decipher just how horrible the comments are, and then in a self-deprecating attempt to laugh it all off, play it on the air over and over again.

You try it.

You deal with family loss and emotional devestation, lonliness, financial worries then go to your job and have five to ten people tell you you're dumb, fat, ugly, boring, stupid or various combinations of the like, and tell me how easy it is to have thicker skin.

So quit bitching? Make a change? Right, I don't want to do anything else, I know. That's the paradox. Perhaps I'm a masochist. But maybe if I knew it was going to be this difficult I would've actually gone to law school and spent every day behind a desk.

I'll get over it. I'll have an update in a bit. Cut me some slack.


Xenasings said...

Oh, honey. You know I love you. Call me - anytime - if you need to talk. Or come over. Or whatever. I'm here for you.

*big huge hugs*

Michael said...

yeah... or just come visit me. I'll even put clean sheets out. OH, who am I kidding... we'd probably hire someone to put clean sheets out because we're both lazy bitches like that.

Michael said...

Ok, didn't actually mean to PUBLISH right then... but alas, I did. SO, what I was saying, is that you should come here and visit me. And then you should go shake what your mama gave you for Howard Stern and work with him on Sirius (which is NOT far from my office) and then we can have lunch and go shoe shopping on 5th ave ALL THE TIME!

Besides, who loves you enough to send you a pink feather boa phone?

ME! said...

Might I remind you--

“I've worked my whole life to have a fabulous career and total independence. I'm not ugly, I'm not fat, I've got a great job and a fantastic car I love.”

So quite bitching and get back to something we want to read :)!

Holly said...

Hey Me!
Bite me! You never have a bad week?

Geeze!!! :)

Love you, mean it.

Holly said...

At least Michael and Xena love me... I love you guys.