Monday, February 06, 2006

Okay Fine... Girly Girl Pick for Week of 02/06

After a brief hiatus from the blog, I'm finally over myself... perhaps it's a heavy cocktail of vodka and Xanax. Either way...

Let's talk Bobbi Brown SHIMMER BRICK!!! I can't take full credit for the discovery of this lovely little wonder, I owe my friend Jill for tipping me off on it a few months ago. She can't take full credit for it, because her friend Karen tipped her off on it; and so I pass it along to you all.

The lovely little folks who read my blog and wait with baited breath for all things glittery and makeup-ey.

Shimmer Brick isn't blush or bronzer or shimmer... it's a combination of all three. It's a cake made up of eight different shades in the same color family. If swirled together, it all works for a shimmery highlighter over blush. If applied one color at a time, it works for eyeshadow. The lighter colors work for highlighters... if you get the bronze, it works to make you look tan.

If you're hungover, it makes you look like you're not. Comes in Apricot, Rose, Bronze, Pink and Beige bricks.

Seriously, the uses to Shimmer Brick are endless and it's a truely versatile product. I have both the Rose brick and the Bronze brick and I use them all of the time depending on what I'm wearing. That said, Shimmer Brick is not cheap, but it does last quite a long time so it's one of those things that are DEFINITELY worth the occasional splurge. (For real, it's like $38.00, I think) I will forgo buying groceries for the week to afford Shimmer Brick, which shows how much I love it. Also, you have to deal with the Nordstrom Bobbi Brown counter and sometimes they're not so nice to me, but Shimmer Brick is worth even that hardship!!

It's glorious. It's Shimmer Brick.


sarahbellum said...

i despise the bb counter. though if you promise this stuff is good i will give it a second (read fourth) chance. damn you sephora for not carrying this. ACK! i take that back. sephora i love you. however, i could love you more helped put that shimmer in my shake!

Holly said...

Just walk by the BB counter and check out in real-life the colors you want and then order from

Fewer bitches, half the time! :) (I should write ad slogans)