Monday, January 09, 2006

Girly Girl Pick of the Week 01/09

Let's talk mascara... the one product I love and adore and buy in bulk and would take with me if I were on a deserted island. I'm not kidding. I would take mascara... and my iPod... and maybe a cabana boy.

I love L'Oreal 3-D Lash Architect. It's glorious, and for some reason I have a difficult time finding it in stores here so I buy it in bulk from and then keep it in the makeup closet until I run out. It's that perfect blend of length and volume without being too spidery. It also holds up really well throughout the day and doesn't flake if you apply ten more coats before you go out at night.

In a moment of panic, and I couldn't find Lash Architect. I had to try Revlon's Fabulash and it's almost as good, but I just don't have mad love for it like the L'Oreal. Still, in a pinch, give it a whirl. Avoid just the regular black, and go for "blackest black." It just looks better.