Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Did They, or Not?

With all the TomKat drama in the past year, we forget that Nicole Kidman has been having her own "secret" relationship with country-music star Keith "Hotter Than Hot" Urban. The two were spotted together in Las Vegas this last weekend, along with Kidman's sister. While Nicole sported a large diamond ring on her left finger, nobody will confirm if the pair actually got hitched.

You know, as much as I don't like Nicole Kidman and think her pinchy, Botoxed face looks just mean, I wish her luck with Keith Urban. First off, Keith Urban is totally hot. That aside, think about poor Nicole Kidman married to the allegedly gay Tom Cruise for nearly a decade. Put yourself in her shoes and imagine not getting laid for nearly a decade-- or if they did have sex, imagine her thinking him not liking it was her fault-- for nearly ten years!

I'm hoping Urban is knocking the bottom out of Kidman, and because he's so hot, she's loving every minute of it.


tgi56 said...

"knocking the bottom out of" OMG Golightly, you may be the hippest-geek in the world.