Monday, January 16, 2006

Girly Girl Pick of the Week 01/16

It's time for another girly girl pick, and since we're on the downside of Winter (yep, I've got Spring fever already!!!), it's time to start thinking about skirt, short and bikini weather! Okay, even if the thoughts are just pipe dreams right now, summer is going to happen soon enough and I can hardly wait.

Though I love glitter more than anything, I feel like a high school senior when I wear lotions with big chunks of glitter in them. While sometimes this is fun, generally this "stripper dust" is just way too much. What's a girl to do who wants a little shimmer but doesn't want to look like she needs to be swinging around a pole?

Nivea Body Silky Shimmer Lotion is the answer. It looks gorgeous even if your legs are white as the snow like mine. It has light reflecting particles that make muscle tone look great and just a hint of color to really look grrrrooowwwwl! It smooths out imperfections and basically makes you look all glowy and pretty.

And no poles in sight!


just jane said...

I tried it, and loved it! I wish you would post more product recommends or actually have that beauty day you promised. :)