Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

In the immortal words of little Carol Ann in Poltergeist, "I'm back!" Okay, I paraphrased that. She says, "They're back!" but that would imply that I have more than one of me, split personalities if you will. Peanut gallery, insert your jokes now.

I had a rough holiday season, I became a bit anti-social, but in the end, I decided to show some love to my blog. For a little while there, I had no desire to write on this since there are so many people out there who think they're funny and amazing writers, who actually end up contributing very little to the blogosphere. I am going to regularly write on here because I figure it might just motivate me to finally finish my book I've been trying to finish for years now. Maybe one day I'll finish it. Maybe one day I'll publish it. Maybe one day I'll print it out on toilet paper, have a party and invite guests to rub the sheets on their "no-no zones."

And I have another goal in 2009:
Get Kevin Rose from Digg to go for drinks with me.

Tonight, while sitting in a focus group with some fantastic women associated with UtahMama, (and no, my recent blog disappearance is not hint that I suddenly became a mama. I was there representing my work, if you must know) I professed my crush on Kevin Rose and was encouraged to pursue that. I figure it makes me teeter on the ledge of stalker, but if you can't be a stalker on the Web, where can you be a stalker? Seriously?

So no, every post won't be on my unrequited lust for Kevin Rose, but I will certainly track my progress. If any progress is made.

And I might occasionally even be marginally funny. Oh, and I'll post more pictures. For Kevin.

For the first random picture of the year, this is a screenshot of someone who lives near me:

Considering somebody died a couple of months ago in the other side of my duplex, I'm slightly concerned I might have a late-night brain seeking visitor. So sit back, relax and enjoy my regularly updated new outlook on blogging. It's bursting with fruit flavor.


tristanjh said...

I came across your blog a while back and was hoping you'd start posting regularly.

How are you doing?

marketingcommando said...

Good to have you back, Kitten.

Jared said...

Hello Kitty. Gotta love it. I was wondering where you went. (:

dolt said...

Funny you should mention brains.

Holly B. said...

Tris: I vow to post regularly, barring finger amputation. I'm okay, not bad. How are YOU? What are you up to?

Mind: Thank you, thank you. I've missed my stupid blog.

Jared: Thank you, too. Yes, I'm really back.

dolt: You've found your calling in life... are you going to donate yourself to Body Worlds? ;)

dolt said...

Doc to dolt: It would appear you have previously made a donation. :D

1979 semi-finalist said...

YAY! You're better be for real this time.

I say again, "YAY!"

Holly B. said...

Kel: For real! See?