Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back, to the Future

I think I came up with the title because my boss and I both, unbeknownst to each other, used the term, "What, should I just jump in my Delorean and go back in time and change that?" within, literally, 15 minutes today. Then tonight, I went back in time.

Tonight, I auditioned for a play, the first audition I've done in two years. I have sort of felt like Austin Powers when he lost his mojo (what, two movie references in two paragraphs?) but for some reason felt like I've been... re-mojonating? Still, it was tough. I've gone through a lot since I was last on stage, and I'm not sure how that fits into my life now. I went back to a place that used to be my entire life, and tonight it felt a little bit foreign. I was like the Ghost of Christmas Past wondering how I can go back when I've tried so hard to move forward?

Whatever. I also ripped a towel in half today and that was a little bit disturbing too. I was drying off my itchy back, with much force when I realized just how itchy it was. I was pulling, tugging, delighting in the itch relief I was getting from the towel, my savior. When... RIIIIIIP! TWO towels. One in each hand.

Either my back was really itchy or I am okay with cheap-ass towels. I thought the towel was Ralph Lauren. Now I apparently have two Ralph Lauren washcloths.


1979 semi-finalist said...

OR the most obvious answer of all...you have developed super human strength! Awesome.

Glad you are auditioning again...can't wait to hear more.

Holly said...

Kel: I do rock the "gun show." I'm your newest superhero!!!