Monday, July 14, 2008

They're Day-Glo!

There are few things more relaxing than getting a fresh pedicure. In fact, I rank a pedicure just somewhere between a fairly explicit mid-day Daniel Craig fantasy and finding a hot pair of True Religion jeans marked down. But yesterday's pedicure experience left me a bit off-kilter, though with fabulous toes.

I went to the gym for quite some time yesterday and decided my toes needed a little TLC. I located a cheapie "Open on Sunday in Utah" pedicure place and got seated even without an appointment. Soon after I sat down and stuck my feet in the foot bath, this fairly harsh woman and her daughter rushed in and demanded immediate attention. The daughter sat down next to me, and as the pedicure girl began belt-sanding her callouses, she sort of stops and says to the girl, "You have toe fungus."

"I DO?!?" the girl gasped in shock.

I shot the girl a disgusted "You're such a dirty pirate-leper" look.

The pedicure girl confirmed, "Toe. Fungus."

The daughter didn't really say much, but just sat there and let pedicure girl continue (after pedicure girl located some plastic gloves), then when the daughter's rude mother insisted they sit together, she changed chairs.

"That lady said I have toe fungus, mom," said the daughter as she put on her paper flip flops and waddled down the row of chairs. "TOE FUNGUS!!"

The rude mother replied, "That's ridiculous. You're not dirty."

Meanwhile, another customer came in and was seated in dirty toe fungus daughter's original chair. Now, waaaait a minute! Dirty toe fungus daughter changes chairs, and though they put new water in her original foot bath, I didn't ever see anybody use any bleach and/or disinfectant.

Though my new toes are so bright I will be able to dress like a ninja and jog barefoot at night without getting hit by a car, I have to wonder if I need to be more concerned with the cleanliness of establishments I frequent.


1979 semi-finalist said...

Not to ruin it for you too, but I pretty much cannot get pedicures after all the stuff I've read about the cleanliness of these places. There are A BILLION of them in NYC and there are exposes all the time, for the high end and the low end ones about the cleanliness standards (basically there are none).

It's totally been ruined for me. I'm an at home pedicure girl now. boo hoo.

Holly said...

Yeah, I'm right about there with you. Now what will I do to relax?!?