Monday, July 14, 2008

My Political Good Deed

I don't like to make this blog too political, however, my friends Jon and Jaime down at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT have alerted me to this worthy cause. I'm thinking of getting a little adopted kitty (If I can get over the thought of becoming a single, cat lady. First step, get a cat. Second step, regrow the hymen) and I will definitely get a shelter animal if I do! If you're a blogger, please copy this information onto your blog to spread the word as much as we can!

From Adopt a dog on Facebook:
"If Sen. Barack Obama becomes president, he’ll instantly be faced with decisions that will affect millions of Americans. Obama will also soon be making a decision that could affect millions of American dogs. It has been reported that once the election is over, win or lose, the Obamas will be looking for a new four-legged family member (much to his daughters’ delight).

We, the members of this group, urge the Obama family to rescue a homeless dog. Whether they choose to adopt a purebred or a mutt, this action would undoubtedly cause a ripple effect to the benefit of all homeless animals. In a country where millions of dogs are killed each year in shelters, purchasing from a breeder or pet store is not an ethical choice. Taking a stand by choosing to save a life would set an example of the highest standard."

Click here for the Facebook page.
Click here to sign the petition.
Click here for the website


vertical inhibitor said...

Shit girlie, the second step on your list to become the cat lady had me rolling! Let's not make that a goal just yet.

As a 'mother' of four rescued kitties myself I salute those who help sheltered furry friends find their forever home.

Thank gawd I'm not single or the cats, vodka in the fridge and cane in the corner would have me ringing in as the super cat lady!

Holly said...

Ha!! As much as I joke, I don't think I'll be attempting "step two" anytime soon. I think I'll get a cat anyway though.