Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mark your calendar!

I'm sure 7-11 will love me for this, but mark down that in honor of July 11 (that's tomorrow) it's free Slurpee day! That's right! On 07/11 head down to your neighborhood 7-11 and pick up your free ounces of liquid crack, err, sugar.

On the upshot, they make Crystal Light Slurpees these days and I think you can score one for about 30 calories.

Just add vodka.


Mind Over Fatter said...

I was a Slurpee junkie, at least one per day. Then I tried to be good. That's when Sonic began to tempt me with slush floats. Just what they sound like, a slush with a frosty ribbon of soft ice cream. I found grape slush floats to be quite tasty.