Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Not very motivated

Hey all, haven't necessarily been very motivated to post on the old blog lately. Mostly because I think that all four of my readers have dropped off.

Until I find my motivation, I ran across this article that sounded quite a bit like something that would happen to me.

With that, I present, "Teen finds bat in her bra while wearing it" for your Wednesday viewing pleasure:

Abbie Hawkins was left in shock after realizing a bat had been curled up inside her bra for five hours while she was wearing it.

The 19-year-old says she found a baby bat, about the size of her hand, tucked away in the padded pocket of her undergarment.

She says, "it looked very snug in there and I thought how mean I was for disturbing it."

Hawkins says she got dressed for work as usual and felt a slight vibration when driving but thought her cell phone was going off.

The bat apparently got into Hawkins' bra when the bra was hanging on the clothing line outside the night before.

The bat was unharmed and released outside.


urban princess said...

Is the bra unharmed, too? I'd be a bit more worried about that, they're expensive!

dolt said...

It is the dog days.

Finally pecked out something on my blog. You could pick it apart. Is that motivational?

Holly said...

UP- Bras ARE expensive, but I'm thinking if I had a baby bat in each cup, I wouldn't need to pay the extra cash for gel-filled padding.

Just a thought.

Dolt- Do you really want to subject yourself to my ridicule!? :)

dolt said...

HA! It couldn't be tougher than my self-deprecation.

1979 semi-finalist said...

Most Awesome Story ever.

Yet if it happened to me I would maybe end up braless the rest of my life...which would be bad.

Also, your readers went nowhere...we're just equally unmotivated and busy with horrible projects and things (well, for me at least).

I missed you :)

Mind Over Fatter said...

Dear Holly,

Glad to have you back. Hope the trip was a success and that you got all the rest you deserve.


Holly said...

Kel: Thanks, girl. I hope you're feeling better and all your projects (and the heat in your neck of the woods) are all going better this week.

Darren: Rest? Notsomuch, but things are going well. Thanks! :)