Sunday, March 09, 2008

Media darlings

I was lucky enough to mend some old wounds this weekend, patching up some ill feelings that have been harbored for the last year or two. I got an email back from my old host on Nightside, and he sent along this picture of us in action.

This ran on a story KSL did about the show on our debut night sometime in July of 2006. That first week desperately sucked, but the show ended up turning out fairly well for awhile.

It looks like I'm extremely serious and reading something very in-depth and important. Something very newsworthy, for sure. In reality, I was reading and basically mugging for the camera.

Good luck in New Orleans, MC!


Hello Kitty Hell said...

Are you somehow implying that my blog is not extremely serious reading of indepth and important information? ;)

I think this is one of the favorite mentions my blog has ever received in the blogoshere...

Holly said...

Kitty Hell: Did I mention "newsworthy?" :)

You're famous and stuff, thanks for the comment. Have a Hello Kitty day!