Friday, March 28, 2008

I survived

The whole wisdom tooth thing wasn't so bad considering the build-up I had created in my head before getting hooked up to the IV and taking a quick nap through Extraction Town yesterday afternoon. I lived. And while I don't feel completely normal today, I survived.

So far today, I've watched some very interesting programming on The History Channel, American Eats, a series devoted to the historical affects of food on American pop culture. That, coupled with a couple of spoonfuls of Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide ice cream (darn, can't eat much else besides that and a pudding pack today) got me thinking about Ben and Jerry's discontinued "flavor graveyard" and all the yummy ice creams they no longer make. (I just viewed the online flavor graveyard, but apparently if you go to Vermont, there's an actual flavor graveyard complete with headstones like the one shown above, that I found depicted on this guy's flickr site here.)

Here are the top five flavors I believe Ben and Jerry are stupid for discontinuing:

5.) Blueberry Ice Cream- Blueberry flavored foods (other than blueberries) aren't for everyone. I however, choose blueberry first and always loved this flavor. I first tried Ben and Jerry's blueberry when I found a scoop shop near Vista, California. Maybe it wasn't the flavor that was so great, but the experience.

4.) White Russian- Ice cream good enough for Lebowski, I also liked to top this ice cream with a little bit of Monopolowa Vodka, which is a more syrupy topping and works better on ice cream than Skyy Vodka. I figure if the ice cream is sitting in the freezer next to the vodka, I might as well kill two birds with one stone. Nothing wrong with a little vodka sundae, but no other flavor works as well as Ben and Jerry's White Russian did.

3.) Tennessee Mud- Continuing on the trend to boozy ice cream, this flavor blended Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey into the frozen treat. I don't recall ever seeing it in stores, especially since it didn't even make it to the 1990s, but I tried freezerburned spoonful with a friend who hoarded several pints in his freezer. Strange, I know, but who am I to look down on saving up specialty foods when I used to hoard cases of Boo Berry cereal in my pantry?

2.) Pistachio, Pistachio- This flavor isn't officially dead and buried, but it might as well be gone away from us because it's so damn difficult to find. Occasionally, I'll find it at the Ben and Jerry's store at the Gateway, but I am morally opposed to buying ice cream by the scoop and cone. I think the cone is a waste, and the pint is so much more satisfying when it's two o'clock in the morning and I'm up watching Hope Floats, Practical Magick or some equally-irritating chick flick starring Sandra Bullock.

1.) Bovinity Divinity- Possibly the most wonderful thing I've ever had in my mouth. I'm not a fan of chocolate, but the combination of swirled chocolate and vanilla ice cream mixed with cute little white and dark chocolate cows was positively, well, divine! I can't believe they quit making this flavor, although in hindsight it's better for my ass that they did. (Get it? "hind"sight? Yeah.)

Fortunately, Ben and Jerry have a form on their site where you can try to get your favorite flavor resurrected. I told them that by bringing back Bovinity Divinity, they could make me feel whole again.


urban princess said...

Glad you're up and about this morning. I'll check in with you later today to see if you need more "homemade" pudding.