Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It IS Funny

I had on good authority that this skit was "one of the funniest on SNL in a very long time." It's true, and since it has to do with Rock of Love 2, it was even better.


AmandaStretch said...

HA!! LMAO! I'm convinced that half of the girls in the house don't even really know who Bret Michaels is. And Daisy needs to slow down on the collagen.

1979 semi-finalist said...

HiLARIOUS! How on was Tina Fey's Daisy? Crazy good. Peyton was pretty accurate too.

Did you see it this week? Bret is SO in love with Kristy Joe - hilarious. I thought Adam was going to pee he was laughing so hard.

I bet good money one of the producers of the show tipped her off that if she got the opportunity to leave she should, because next week was going to be "ex-boyfriend" week - which would mean for Kristy Joe I guess "current husband". I don't think she could have come back from that - not even with how in love Bret is with her.

Holly said...

Stretch: AND Daisy is so very very slammy.

Seriously, I can't wait for next week's ex-boyfriends and the fact that slammy Daisy's looks like some bad Tommy Lee impersonator. Of course, my heart goes out to the ladies in the house-- I don't know what I would do if all my ex-boyfriends were called in for a summit.