Monday, March 31, 2008

Aargh... the update

Two words: Dry socket.

I thought I'd feel so much better by now, but between an allergic reaction to penicillin over the weekend and a dry socket today, I'm just about over this whole wisdom tooth debacle.

Please send pudding, french fries and, at this point, tequila en masse.


1979 semi-finalist said...

I'm sending you virtual pudding...can you taste it?

Glad you're alive, but sorry you got the dreaded dry socket.

On the bright side, at least now you know you're allergic to penicillin...that will come in handy one day when you're rushed to a hospital ER TV style and they say, "are you allergic to anything?!" and you say, "yes, penicillin." and then they give it to you anyway, and you sue them and retire with millions... bwahhahahaha.

Seriously, glad you are alive, I'm sending you serious (non funny) get well wishes

Holly said...

Thanks, Kel! Your great cartoons made me smile even when I was feeling like crap. I still feel like crap, and today's special April Fools' strip made me smile too!

One day when I sue the hospital for giving me penicillin I'll totally fund a joint book project for us. In Mexico. On the beach.

Until then, everyone check out her blog and daily cartoon, for real!

Thanks again!!

1979 semi-finalist said...

Ah Hol...thanks!

hope you're better - dry socket and all...