Sunday, February 12, 2006

Girly Pink Gadget Pick!

Here's a little bonus to the girly girl beauty pick... it's a girly pink gadget for the girly geek in all of us. I was reminded this weekend that I really needed a little flash drive for all my eBooks. I just wanted to get them off my hard drive and put them in a collective place. Then I went to Target and found on sale this week for $19.99 a cute little zMate 256 MB flash pen drive for all my computer reads!

And if you're really lame like me, you can wear it around your neck! I was so excited when I took it out of the package that I wore it from the cute pink lanyard all night while I made my grilled chicken salad. I even did a little dance around the apartment while waiting for "Grey's Anatomy" to start (still dealing with that Code Black situation). Then, I realized I was a big, lame dork and I took it off for bed.

p.s. Sorry the picture sort of sucks, but I took it with the camera phone and was so excited I had to upload it right away!