Friday, February 10, 2006

Suckle Her Slipple

So, I think it's funny when stars' nipples pop out because I've been there before. No, I'm not suggesting I'm a star, I'm saying I've accidentally slipped a nip to a crowd of people.

1998. University of Utah student union. I was performing with the ballroom team, and I had been late the morning costumes were assigned. Because I was tall, the other gals on the team assumed I was a size 14. I was about a six (I say about because my top was about a six, yes, my ass was fat. I'm considerably smaller now that nearly ten years later, I've lost my "freshman fifteen"). During the Viennese Waltz performance, the dress got twisted, my nipple popped out and got caught over the left side of the dress, and my partner twirled me around for all to see.

Enter 2006. Brits and her baby daddy somehow actually got into the Mariah Carey Grammy after-party. Here's a picture of the happy family: Kevin, Britney and Britney's nipple.

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