Sunday, February 26, 2006

Is Dating Worth It?

I've recently been informed of some nasty rumors (Or rumours, if you're British) that have been spread about yours truly regarding people I've dated, making me wonder is it worth it? Last night was a trip. I was driving home, and ended up next to one guy I briefly saw last year who actually slowed down and changed lanes to avoid eye contact.

Later, I found out from a friend who is a door guy at a local jazz bar that someone I saw briefly last month (Tiramisu Guy) has been telling people some not nice things about me. Apparently, I asked him if he was gay and that was why he "kicked me to the curb." Isn't it interesting how some people can be outright rude in their dealings with the opposite sex, and then when they're around their friends you're the alleged psycho? Besides, it stands to reason that if he were gay, he would've enjoyed my fabulous pinkness and charm even more!

Even later, I found out from my neighbor whom also used to be a co-worker someone from my previous place of employment is now telling everyone we used to have a thing.

DO THESE PEOPLE NOT HAVE LIVES? Or is it that my life is so "interesting" that they get off in making me out to be not a nice person. With that, I hope that karma comes back to those who speak poorly of others and makes them feel as stupid as Adrien Brody looks in these pictures.