Saturday, February 25, 2006

Girly Girl Pick for Week of 02/27

I'm not blogfading, I promise! (Blogfading: yep, that's what the kids call it when you get enthused about your blog and then crap out on it.) I've been trying to find a new apartment, and I finally found one! I'm moving at the end of next month to a discofabulous place, so things might be a little hit and miss for the next little bit. I'll post some picts of my new 70s retro pad sometime soon, as well as the progression of some redecorating I'm doing. It rocks.

At any rate, I have a great product that you simply MUST get from our good friends at Benefit. (AND available from Sephora for those of you who are Sephora sluts like me.) It's called Dr. Feelgood, and it's tough to explain, but it is a great product. Dr. Feelgood is a mattifier that goes under your foundation, or can be used instead of foundation if you're one of those kind of people. (Not me, I'm finding I'm a foundation slut too.) It mattes shine, it primes skin for foundation, it reduces fine lines, and it makes pores smaller. I don't have big pores, but I have one weird one on my cheek that Dr. Feelgood seems to fill in.

When you're retouching things at the end of the day, rather than using more powder to combat shine, Dr. Feelgood works for that too. Just pat on (DO NOT RUB) over existing foundation, and it makes you look great into the evening too.

From Sephora,
A brand new idea for smooth, silky skin. This complexion balm slips under makeup to help smooth the complexion. Enriched with vitamins C and E, Dr. Feelgood can also be worn alone on bare skin. It's indispensable and in demand!

Give it a whirl. It's $24, but lasts for a really long time, so it's a splurge that's worth it and not something you'll have to buy often.

Benefit classifies Dr. Feelgood in its "Fake-It Collection" with products designed to "go from dull to darling in an instant."