Friday, November 04, 2005

Go To Jail P. Diddy Puff Daddy Combs

So, I heard this on CNN this morning, and then re-read the actual news story today:

FEC is asked to investigate Sean 'Diddy' Combs
Nov 3, 2005, 23:40 GMT

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- A formal complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission Thursday claims Sean 'Diddy' Combs violated federal law during the U.S. presidential campaign.

The National Legal and Policy Center, NPLC, claims Diddy violated the Federal Election Campaign Act and the Internal Revenue Service Code, when he rallied support of Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. John Kerry, reported.

The NLPC alleges a Detroit rally conducted by Diddy`s non-profit group, Citizen Change, included speeches from actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick urging the crowd to oust President Bush from office.

The complaint asks the FEC to investigate whether Diddy used his company`s corporate funds to illegally support Citizen Change.

The complaint also alleges Diddy may have used his 'Vote or Die' campaign as a commercial endeavor to make money for his clothing line.

Combs was not available for comment.

Credit: United Press International

So, nothing would make me happier than seeing Diddy go to jail after watching him treat those poor girls on "Making the Band 3" like total crap. He made them run, like, seven miles, while he followed them in a rickshaw and yelled at them with a megaphone. He then flaunted the fact he had water and stuff to drink while they were "out of shape." THEN he made them do a dance audition and sent three of them home because they were tired!!! And when one poor girl had to go to the hospital for popping her hip out of the socket and tearing a ligament, he sent her home too! Karma's a bitch Diddy, Karma's a bitch.