Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Simpson Sis... crazy is as crazy does

In order to deal with her "tough life," Jessica Simpson has been seeing a therapist. Now, I'm not going to bad on people who go to therapists, or have gone to therapists or who think they might need to see a therapist. However, if you read BETWEEN the lines of what Jessica is saying in the articles regarding the subject, it's much more telling. Let me translate for you, JS is "Jessica Simpson" HI is "Holly's Insight." Shall we begin?

JS: "I respect knowledge of the psyche."
HI: "I do not even know the word 'respect,' much less the word 'psyche.'"

JS: "I would be a therapist if I weren't an entertainer."
HI: "Because 'Newlyweds' was SO entertaining."

JS: "It's a way for me to know myself, my problems and my issues. If I don't do this, I'll push everything back until I explode."
HI: "I once exploded and instead of grey matter there was chicken... or was it tuna?"

JS: "Hopefully mine and Nick's story will continue for the rest of our lives, like what we vowed, through sickness and in health."
HI: "Nick and I are getting divorced." NOTE how she says "Hopefully," which incidentally isn't even a word, meaning "I don't know if we'll last past Thursday."


sarahbellum said...
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Holly said...

Oh for sure!!! Mine is the "Girls Next Door" for the exact same reason. :)

"Newlyweds" just ended up frustrating me in that I didn't want to watch, but I did. Like a train wreck.