Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who Knew?

On Friday night, Urban Princess and I went out to get a drink and ran into too many people visiting Salt Lake for the outdoor retailers' convention; we assumed that anybody with too much polar fleece on qualified for this convention. After sitting there for a drink, we were visited by two people in town for said convention.

After listening to tales of outdoor adventures from these two (which was a totally foreign concept to us), we needed an intervention and I grabbed two guys from the bar to rescue us. They were funny, and after awhile (and after the two original guys wouldn't get the hint and leave us alone) we decided to head to another bar. Things were going well and we were having fun just hanging out, when the night went terribly awry.

We noticed three women entering the bar, and after a minute one came over and introduced herself to us. Strange. Very strange. She then asked one of the guys we were with if she could see his key ring, stating she, "put her mailbox key there." She pretended to take something off of the keys, when all of the sudden, she lunges across the table, punches the guy, throws the keys in his face, throws a beer glass at me, and storms off in a blaze of rage. For real, the attack happened in about ten seconds, the weirdest ten seconds I'd seen in a long time.

We were all bewildered by the behavior and I turned to the guy and said, "I take it you know her?" 

When he left the table a minute later, we decided we'd better call it a night because in a flash our good time took on a horrible haze. Another girl in the crazy girl's group began interrogating us as to why we were there with "her guys" and after all reasoning was lost, we finally left. Funny, that when we went outside the two guys were seen cowering, trying to blend into the side of the building to avoid us at all costs.

How quickly things change, how quickly a night can go from innocent to nuts, how the sound of a shattering beer glass can quiet a whole bar. 

Then as we walked back down the street, I turned to Urban Princess and said, "I hate being single."


1979 semi-finalist said...

this is crazy! i'm so sorry this happened to you.

craziness aside though, i have to admit that there is a certain girl i would literally tear to shreds if i saw anywhere...and would tear to especially brutal shreds if i saw jer anywhere near my boyfriend...even though i know that it is more my boyfriend's fault than hers...in matters of the heart (and evil green eyed jealousy monster) sometimes, sadly, logic has no home.

but you didn't deserve this, and on behalf of insane girlfriends and their idiot boyfriends everywhere i apologize :(

Holly said...

Aww, thanks for the apology for crazy women the world over, Kelly. You shouldn't have to bear the weight for all those illogical behaviors, though. I wish people could take a deep breath, count to ten, and consider the impact of their actions.

Oh well. It sure has made for a good story!!!