Sunday, January 13, 2008

The train wreck continues

...and it was everything I thought it would be.

After a month of looking forward to Rock of Love 2 with Bret Michaels, I was not disappointed. There were all the trashy women, strippers and idiots we have all come to expect when tuning into a show such as this. I found myself glued to the entire hour, every passing minute wondering, "Why am I watching this?" But I couldn't pull myself away. 

Seriously, who are these women in the world who throw themselves at Bret Michaels, not caring if some other slam-pig slipped him the tongue just ten seconds before? I am fascinated by this phenomenon; that women think all they have to do is audition for a reality show and suddenly they've made something out of themselves.

I'm all for healthy competition, however after viewing what's in store for the upcoming season, I just don't know if I can soberly watch this show. Greased pig competition? Mud football? Peep show talents? And yet I perpetuate the reality show viewership.

Gotta' go. The new and improved American Gladiators starts in two minutes. 


Anonymous said...

Have you caught "Miss America: Reality Check" yet? It's not quite a train wreck - more of a three car fender bender - but it's mind blowingly absurd. My favorite part was when Miss Utah came to some sort of gratuitous swimsuit scene wearing a neon pink one piece, with her hair teased to high heaven. She later explained that "it was a joke", to which one of the judges exclaimed "This is real, this is serious! Miss America is serious!"

Good times all around.

Holly said...

Let us not gloss over the fact that when I got the alert for your comment, Kris, and read it from my Gmail, the Sponsored Links at the right were generated as follows:

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Thanks, Gmail, for your relevance! :)

1979 semi-finalist said...

wow. I just caught this show over the weekend while ill. It blew my mind. I really didn't think anything could blow my mind more than women wanting to be Flava Flav's girlfriend (he's hilarious and it would probably be awesome to hang out with him - but seriously date him - I mean are you fucking nuts?) and then I Love New York? That woman IS nuts.

These people are just frightening, and I'm the worst of the worst because I've tuned in - at least in part.

However, Rock of Love blows me away, like you, in a different way. I can (sort of) understand why some women would actually really want to be his girlfriend (again, not for me) but some people are into that fading rocker thing, and despite all the craziness and VH1-y stunts he actually comes across as a fairly nice guy. So I can sorta see it. Almost. However, I didn't know it was possible to dig up 20 skanks (let's ignore the fact that a couple of them are actually attractive if they'd wear three less pounds of make up) that have such exhibitionist and low self-esteem issues that they would basically line up to make out with this washed up rocker. do know you're on NATIONAL TELEVISION right? I mean, I know you were groupies, or you are groupies, or you wish you were groupies, and you have no issues with fucking a dude just cause he's "somebody" but at least that shit is not broadcast nationally. CRAZY! I feel so bad for these girls, on so many levels.

Holly said...

Kel: I agree with you, and your points are completely valid.

What's more, my mom had the astute observation that, "Bret Michaels' facelift makes him look like a little girl."

Jaime said...

Ahh yes, Vh1 has really cornered the market on this genre of reality tv travesty. Sunday evenings haven't been this gluttonous since.... last season ended. Train wreck is SO don't want to look but alas you just CAN'T take your eyes away. Let's be real~ we SO love hating this, no?

Holly said...

Jaime: I do love to hate it, just like all reality shows. Of course, it's not like there's anything ELSE on! Oh well, I have a friend that works with reality shows and at least he's not out of work.