Thursday, January 10, 2008


Many years ago, usually during a punch-drunk closing of the store where we worked, a co-worker friend and I would joke about the infomercial for the buckwheat husk heating pads. The idea about the pillow is that you can put it in the microwave and heat it up so you've got a nice, toasty moist heat without catching on fire in the middle of the night if you fall asleep in bed with an electric heating pad.

On said infomercial, the heavily-accented man kept saying "Buckwheat husk, IT WILL NOT BURN!"

To which the woman standing next to him in the infomercial said, "But what if it burns me?"

"IT WILL NOT BURN!" the man forcefully repeated.

Since the buckwheat husk heating pads were infomercial fodder, it came as no surprise that my mother felt inclined to order several years ago, which was great the other night when I remembered I owned these things. A particularly strenuous dance class combined with lifelong bad dancing knees and a winter storm high-pressure system left me unable to even get upstairs. I thought, "IT WILL NOT BURN!" and threw two of the amazing things into the microwave before I settled into some couch time. Five minutes made them hot, but not so hot that they lasted through some television shows, so when I was getting ready for bed I decided I'd double the time and nuke the bastards for ten minutes.

Midway through brushing my teeth I noticed that the buckwheat husk was filling my apartment with a delightful organic and slightly lawn-ish scent. By the time I finished brushing my teeth, I thought, "Wow, the buckwheat husk. It smells like burn... shit!" I ran downstairs and saw that the buckwheat husk had ignited in the microwave and though the filler itself "WILL NOT BURN!" the material covering the outside most certainly "WILL FREAKING BECOME TINDER!"

After a few choice words, I threw open the microwave door, grabbed the smoldering buckwheat husk* by the handy carrying ropes, opened the front door and launched the damn thing into the snow. Damn you, buckwheat husk guy! 'Lo these many years later, I called your your bluff and you "WILL TOO BURN!" Now, where's my "unsafe" electric heating pad?

*For the record, this incident ended better than the time I attempted frying wontons and ended up evacuating all of the Gateway Apartments (including the mall) on Super Bowl Sunday a few years ago.


megan said...

It is times like these Holly that I wish I lived across the street from you!!! I would have killed to see you throwing the flaming buckweat out into the snow! Hilarious.

Holly said... my jammies...

...still holding my toothbrush...

dolt said...

Uh Holly, that is not a picture of a sobakawa pillow. Should you get one:

*Not Microwave Safe*

Glad you are ok.

Holly said...

As much as I always enjoy being corrected by you, dolt, the picture was merely an aid so people could visualize what I was writing about, not my actual heating pads which read:

"Buckwheat is also very difficult to burn in the microwave, making it safe and easy to use. (However, buckwheat heating pads should never be placed in a conventional oven or near on open flame.) Microwaving is the best technique for warming up buckwheat heating pads."

Thanks though!

dolt said...

Wow, now I lay smoldering in the snow. : )

Holly said...

I have that effect on stuff. :)