Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Tonight I made my final car payment. Ever. While it's taken many many years to pay it off, it's finally done. And since I paid for a major overhaul on it a couple of months ago, I'm hoping to get a few more years with it-- without a car payment.

I celebrated tonight by going to the gym and then grabbing a bottle of wine for a celebratory glass of vino when I got home. While driving home, the SLCPD decided to run a red light and nearly take out my newly-paid-for vehicle. Now, I understand the benefit of a classic "approach without lights and sirens" call, but should they be approaching without lights and sirens to the detriment of everyone else on the road?

Much less those who thirty seconds earlier just threw their last vehicle payment into the post office?

And because I saw him speed for at least 15 blocks northbound on 900 east after, I figure that I was just lucky to get out without major damage.


Jared said...

Congrats! I made my final credit card payment two weeks ago and have one last thing to take care of with my tax refund this year. I am effectively debt free (with the exception of student loans, which I don't count, but for which I have a plan). It's a good feeling to have stuff taken care of.

Yeah...cops...humpf.....nothing else needs saying.