Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Stuck in Hell

Today, I've been extremely happy for my whole flight from Boston to Long Beach, trying to end up somewhere near home in Salt Lake City. When I booked my flight, I thought that Long Beach wasn't that far from Salt Lake, but what I didn't take into account was the fact I'd be on my way here from the East Coast, which is about the farthest possible flight I could take without continuing onto Japan.

The Long Beach airport is a sad little place, there aren't any gates, rather, they sort of just wheel stairs up to the side of the plane while it's sitting out on the runway. When inside the single room, you find a bunch of sad people sort of wandering around, wondering if they're in the right place because none of the "gates" are labeled.

I saw a bird walking around on the carpet in front of me.

It's like the Long Beach airport has zapped all the fond memories of my trip this past weekend, that lasted right up until I walked through the doors of Logan International earlier this morning.

This little friend I rode at my almost sister-in-law's bachelorette party was certainly an interesting experience, yet definitely not the highlight of the trip:

There were many other good times this weekend, leaving me with thoughts of, "what now?"


1979 semi-finalist said...

Oh! I'm so sorry that the Long Beach Airport ruined your happy trip memories, but I have to stand up for LB Airport...I LOVE it. I love flying into it, I love picking people up from it, I just love it. When I lived in LA I sometimes I thought about going there to just hang out I loved it so much.

Maybe it's because it is so mellow and Cali to me, nobody seems that serious about flying, it's all, "Hey. Maybe I'll get on a Plane today." It helps that I absolutely loathe LAX and would do anything to avoid it I suppose. Although after dealing with JFK and LaGuardia LAX seems like a cakewalk...

How were you thinking Long Beach was close to SLC though? It's still pretty far away and way PAST where you're headed...how did you get home from there...was it just a stopover on your flight? That is a pretty ridiculous stopover from Boston to get to SLC. I hate those kind of stopovers...that shoot you past your destination for no good reason.

Try Long Beach Aiport again sometime when you're actually headed to LA and not Salt Lake...maybe it can change your mind. There's something awesome to me about coming from NYC or SLC...anywhere where the weather is crappy and people are miserable, to stepping off a plane into the sunshine and breeze at Long Beach Airport...I'm totally a fan :)

Holly said...

Kel: Okay, but my first impression isn't so great.
The next time I take a trip, I'll just fly straight there and forget that pesky Coast-to-Coast thing I did. :)

Mind Over Fatter said...

Dear Holly,

I agree with Kel, Long Beach is a great little airport. It's convenient for Orange Co., quiet, and baggage claim and car rental are a snap. Using it for a weekend in Boston may be painful, but it's an excellent method to avoid the hell that is LAX. Besides, the little restaurant on the 2nd floor of Long Beach is pretty good.

On a side note, you look incredible perched upon the mechanical bull. Whatever you are doing is working wonderfully!


Anonymous said...

Lol Holly!

That's a pretty funny detour. Kind of way out of the way, by about an hour an a half *2 plus wait time. Just be happy you didn't wind up at LAX, that place really is the butthole of the world and you would have been just passin through...

Dig your Blog, I was looking for the Sobakawa Pillow Informercial (cause my friend and I were laughing about it this past weekend and I have some time to kill at work today) and came across your Sobakawa Buckwheat Burning Story!!! effin Hilarious Thanks for that!