Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Famous.

Nevermind that I've been on radio and television in the Salt Lake area for quite some time now. My name has actually appeared in my friend's divorce papers, and it's hysterical.

(All names have been withheld to protect my own ass)

"For Christmas 2007, xxx put a bag from Victoria's Secret full of sexy panties under the tree and told me that a girl she works with 'Holly Braithwaite' gave them to her because xxx told Holly that I wouldn't buy her any new panties."

It's true. I bought "sexy panties" for a girl friend of mine for Christmas 2007. I like the quotes around my name like I allegedly call myself that. I also think that if I have a band one day I'm going to call it "Holly Braithwaite" and the Sexy Panties. We will play German polka music.


JM Bell said...

there are so many inappropriate (and funny) comments that one could put in here ... I think my brain just melted.