Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Take on me

There are ways to make a good impression, and ways to not make a good impression. I'll just let this one speak for itself:

Him: What was the first concert you went to?

Me: Ummm, A-Ha. The "Take on Me" concert. It was sponsored by Prell Shampoo.

Him: No way! That's awesome! What year?

Me: (Sadly, without thinking) 1985.

Him: Bwaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa! I was two!

First off, I was 10, not 25. They were my favorite band, because I was 10. I got free tickets from KCPX radio and my parents took me. Secondly, the reaction made me feel like I was a groupie, had German sex with the three members of A-ha, then somehow did Simon LeBon and Falco too. 

...or maybe I'm just highly sensitive this time of year.


urban princess said...

Seriously? I love A-ha!

OK, if the age differential keeps coming up on the other end, abort. Annoying. And not cool.

h said...

At the risk of being labeled as emasculated… You can’t put Simon Le Bon and Falco on the same level. Duran Duran is still going strong! Is it wrong that as a strait male Ah-Ha pops up first when my itunes is in alphabetical order?

Darren said...

Okay, let's clarify:

* A-Ha was comprised of some great musicians. You did not require a testosterone deficiency to enjoy them,
* I recall they played Salt Lake in September 1986 at Abravanel Hall (I had 5th row seats),
* "h" is correct, you cannot put Duran Duran and Falco in the same category. As much as I enjoyed Duran Duran (and their R-rated videos), Falco was a musical genius. He simply could not be pigeon-holed by U.S. radio. Don't be fooled by longevity, Falco would still be making music . . . IF HE WASN'T DEAD! (car crash, 1998)

JM Bell said...

I was fine until you mentioned Rocking Falco's Amadeus. Falco was fun music, but kinda icky.

Next time you get that kind of reaction, put 'em over your knee. I think that they're still young enough for a good paddling.

Holly said...

It was 1986? Well, that makes me feel better. The guy was three.

I thought it was 1985. I had just finished winning Nickelodeon TV's "Kids' Day" where I was kid DJ for the day and the folks at KCPX gave me the tickets. Still, the concert was in August, not September, as you indicated, and of that I'm certain.

Also, if you want to get really nit-picky, Darren, it was still Symphony Hall, not Abravanel at the time.

I am jealous of your fifth-row tickets though, mine weren't that good. I still have the t-shirt though somewhere at my mom's.

haskell said...

OK. I WAS 25. What's your point?

And what is German sex? Is it fun?